Thanks to innovative fingerprint technology, the YARDO changes the way you open a bike lock. No more keys, no more numerical codes – instead convenience and fast operation.

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Innovative technology with a capacitive sensor on the chain lock ensures that you can open your bike lock without any keys or dials – using just your fingerprint.
The YARDO chain lock essentially consists of a 7 millimetre thick round chain that offers robust protection against theft. The ends of the optional 85 cm and 110 cm long chain are connected to a lock body made of coated zinc die cast.
The special feature of this lock body: It is equipped with a precise fingerprint sensor that recognises up to 20 scanned fingerprints. If you place your clean finger on the sensor, the lock will open in an instant.
Scanning multiple fingerprints allows for flexible handling, for example if you want to share your bike lock or bike with several people. The locking process is extremely simple, as the lock locks automatically when the lock ends are inserted into the lock body.
The lock body is encased in a silicone cover to prevent scratches on the bike frame. The IP66 and IP68 certification attests that the lock body is dustproof and weatherproof. A double ball bearing locking provides improved protection against forced opening.
With the YARDO chain lock, convenience, functionality and design go hand in hand and you're in step with the times. The fingerprint technology is trend-setting and offers maximum convenience and a high level of security.
A CR2 battery is included in the scope of delivery.


  • 7 mm thick round chain
  • Lock body made of coated die-cast zinc
  • CR2 battery included in the scope of delivery
  • Precise capacitive fingerprint sensor
  • Up to 20 individual fingerprints can be saved
  • Double-bolted locking mechanism for improved protection against forced opening
  • Quick locking without a fingerprint thanks to automatic locking
  • Dustproof and weatherproof thanks to IP certification IP66 & IP68

Operation and use

  • Protection of medium-value items with medium theft risk
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Chain lock with capacitive fingerprint sensor: Open quickly and easily with a fingerprint


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Locking type: fingerprint
Weight: 1246 g
color of facets: black, silver
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