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EarPads (HYP-E)

Warm ears in any weather: Our EarPads for the ABUS HYP-E helmet model and the HYP-E ACE and HYP-E BL.ACE variants protect your ears from rain, cold and wind.

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Are you out and about on your bike in all weathers? Then our EarPads for the HYP-E helmet model are the ideal companions for you. They protect your ears from wind, rain and cold and keep them nice and warm.
The ear muffs integrate perfectly into the strap guide of your helmet and do not slip. You can easily attach them to the bottom edge and take them back off when you no longer need them. A reflective application on the outside of the pads increases your visibility in poor visibility conditions. Thanks to the special fabric structure, you can hear ambient noise even with EarPads, making you safe when travelling in traffic.


  • Compatible: EarPads fit the HYP-E, HYP-E ACE and HYP-E BL.ACE and are easy to retrofit (suitable for any helmet size).
  • Weatherproof: EarPads protect against rain, cold, wind and weather.
  • Integrated: EarPads fit perfectly to the strap guide of your helmet and do not slip. Simply insert into the lower edge of the helmet.
  • Breathable: High-quality materials and pad structure ensure optimum air circulation and prevent excessive perspiration.
  • Ambient noise: Fabric structure lets you hear ambient noise clearly – for a safe driving experience.
  • Visible: Reflective applications increase visibility and safety in road traffic.
  • Secure: EarPads replace a cap and ensure that the bike helmet fits securely.
  • Hygienic: Washable at 30 degrees in a laundry bag.


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