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The HYP-E is the ideal companion for e-bike riders and commuters who don't want to compromise on safety. The BL.ACE version includes a wireless remote control for the HYP-E brake light.

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The HYP-E is fully dedicated to the needs and lifestyle of urban commuters in terms of its equipment and functionality. With a 365-degree approach, the helmet honours their commitment to promoting more sustainable mobility by biking all year round. The BL.ACE variant includes a wireless remote control for activating and controlling the brake light.
A characteristic lighting concept consisting of rear, front and indicator lights, inspired by the automotive industry, ensures all-round visibility and emphasises the presence of cyclists on busy roads or in poor visibility conditions. The front and rear lights are seamlessly integrated into the multi-shell design of the HYP-E and underline its premium look and feel. A remote control for the handlebars allows you to activate the indicator light, control it intuitively and signal a change of direction clearly and in good time. In the BL.ACE version, you also have the ability to activate a brake light: Put the silicone cover supplied over the brake lever and indicate your intention to brake as soon as you press it.
Comfort in all weathers
Ventilation in the upper head area is regulated by a clever vent system: If the weather changes, you can easily close the helmet's generous ventilation openings with the VentCover. This solution is inspired by winter sports and is dedicated to carrying commuters through every season. The EarPads and MagneticVisor also ensure comfort year-round: While the ear muffs keep your ears warm, the visor protects your eyes from dust, wind and insects.
More protection on the e-bike
The HYP-E also fulfils the strict standards of NTA standard 8776 – the world's first safety standard developed specifically for S-pedelec riders. Helmets with the NTA standard are tested at significantly higher impact speeds, offer better protection in the area of the back of the head and temples and can absorb higher impact forces.
For commuters who choose to cycle 365 days a year and in all weathers, who demand the best not only from themselves but also from their equipment and for whom safety is paramount, the HYP-E is more than a helmet – it is the companion they deserve.
Awards & Partners
Eurobike Award Winner 2024
Eurobike Award Winner 2024

Awards & Partners


  • 365-degree approach: The HYP-E’s lighting concept and comfort features guarantee 360-degree visibility and the best possible protection 365 days a year, whatever the weather.
  • Better visibility: A front light, rear light and indicator light make you visible in traffic. Choose between five different light modes for the front and rear light: Steady, Power, Flow, Pulsing or Flashing – depending on the lighting conditions and whether you want to save battery capacity.
  • Wireless remote control: You can activate and control the flashing light easily and safely using the supplied rechargeable radio remote control for the handlebars. An acoustic signal on the helmet and LEDs on the remote control let you know that you are flashing.
  • Intuitive remote control: The BL.ACE variant includes a wireless and rechargeable cover for your brake lever, which activates the brake light as soon as you press the brake lever.
  • Weatherproof design: In good weather and in summer, generous ventilation openings ensure pleasant ventilation. In the rain or cold, you can close these openings using the VentCover in the top of the head.
  • Custom wearing comfort: With the height-adjustable Zoom Spin adjustment system, you can adjust the helmet to the shape of your head via an adjustment wheel at the back of the head and create space for a ponytail. You can adjust the straps to be tighter or looser using the flap divider under the ears. The chin straps can be undone with one hand thanks to the smooth-running magnetic fastener. 
  • Warming ear muffs: The EarPads protect you from rain, cold or wind and are included in the scope of delivery with the BL.ACE variant. Simply thread them through the straps of your helmet and attach them to the lower edge of the helmet.
  • Matching visor: Whether from insects, dust, wind or rain – the MagneticVisor in the "clear" variant provides optimum protection for your field of vision. In the BL.ACE variant, it is included in the scope of delivery and you can simply attach it to the MagneticHub of your HYP-E.
  • Rechargeable components: You can recharge the lights on the helmet and the remote controls for indicators and brake lights using the Type C and micro USB charging cables supplied. LED displays on the helmet and on the remote controls indicate the charging status.
  • Easy to use: You can activate the front and rear lights using the on/off button on the back of the helmet. Press the button for approx. one second to switch on the lights. Press briefly to switch between light modes. Press and hold to switch the lights off again.
  • Reliable communication: The remote controls and the brake/indicator light communicate via a reliable 2.4 GHz radio signal based on OXI® Wireless technology. The remote controls are permanently ready for use and are activated via a radio signal from the helmet.
  • Safe companion: In addition to CE and CPSC certification, the helmet fulfils the more stringent NTA standard 8776 for S-pedelecs with stricter test criteria – thanks to the lower temple and neck protection and thicker EPS material, it is suitable for bikes with an electric motor and higher speeds.


  • Washable padding: The removable padding is machine washable at 30 degrees.


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color of facets: black
Size: M
backlight: Yes
Visor: Yes
design color: volcano titan
Head size: 54-58 cm
Peak: Yes
Weight: 715 g
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