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MagneticVisor (HYP-E)

Discover the MagneticVisor for the HYP-E. Glare-free in the sun or clear vision at dusk? Easy to attach or replace thanks to MagneticHub. Maximum visibility and flexibility for your ride.

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You're out and about on your bike, the sun is low on the horizon and dazzling you on a wet road – with our MagneticVisor for the ABUS HYP-E helmet model, everyday routes and bike rides are no longer a problem, even in challenging light and weather conditions.
Depending on your needs, choose between the three visor variants: "clear" for clear vision at dusk, "smoke" for glare-free vision in bright sunlight or "photochromic" to automatically counteract lighting conditions. Thanks to the patented MagneticHub, you can attach the visor in no time at all, change it or move it to a holding position as soon as you no longer need it.
Our visor offers you a clear all-round view at any head angle and integrates perfectly into the helmet design thanks to its discreet appearance. Whether from insects, dust, wind, rain or intense sunlight – the seamless transition to the edge of the helmet provides optimum protection for your eyes.
You also have maximum flexibility: The visor is not a permanently installed component, but can be easily attached, removed, retrofitted or replaced thanks to the patented MagneticHub.
Complete your HYP-E and experience maximum protection and comfort on every tour – whatever the weather.


  • Compatible design: Visor for the ABUS HYP-E helmet model and the HYP-E ACE and HYP-E BL.ACE variants
  • Various options: Optionally available in clear (e.g. at dusk), smoke (e.g. in glaring sunlight) or photochromic (adapts light transmission to the lighting conditions) variants
  • Easy mounting: The visor attaches to the helmet quickly and easily using the patented MagneticHub
  • Clear view: Visor design enables clear all-round vision at any head angle
  • Discreet design: Integrates perfectly into the design of the helmet model thanks to its discreet and tried-and-tested visor shape
  • Seamless transition: Fits perfectly against the helmet and provides protection against insects, dust, wind and rain
  • Maximum flexibility: Visor is not a permanently installed component, but can be flexibly attached, removed, replaced and retrofitted
  • Robust material: Made from hard-wearing polycarbonate


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