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Tec-Tical 2.1 velvet black S

The road-helmet Tec-Tical 2.1 from ABUS impresses with its low weight, high comfort, excellent ventilation and perfect safety.

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For professional cyclists and ambitious road cyclists who sit in the saddle all day long, a helmet must above all be light, comfortable and well ventilated.

These features make the Tec-Tical 2.1 the perfect helmet for all races. From the road via Cyclocross to Enduro and Trail. It is particularly light, extremely comfortable, ideally ventilated and the ActiCage, a structural reinforcement integrated in the EPS, offers maximum protection against head injuries. Experiences gathered from inspirational collaborations and sponsorships in the world of professional sport feed into our product development at ABUS, bringing thought-out products for recreational athletes into series production. Many cycling professionals trust ABUS and use the Tec-Tical 2.1.
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  • Multi Shell In-Mold for durable bonding of multi-part outer shell and shock-absorbing helmet material (EPS)
  • High visibility due to bright reflectors
  • Ponytail compatibility: Helmet well suited for braided hairstyles
  • Good ventilation with 11 air inlets and 20 air outlets connected with flow channels
  • Semi-enclosing plastic ring connected to the adjustment system for optimum stability and form-fitness
  • ActiCage: Structural reinforcement integrated in the EPS to optimise stability
  • Zoom Ace: Fine-adjustable adjustment system with non-slip adjustment wheel for individual fit


  • This light helmet is suitable for every race: From the road via Cyclocross to Enduro and Trail


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color of facets: black
Size: S
backlight: No
Visor: No
design color: velvet black
Head size: 51-55 cm
Peak: No
Weight: 250 g
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