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Affing, July 13, 2012

The new HDVR video surveillance recorder from ABUS is the first one to support analog, IP and HD-SDI cameras all in one system. This allows the customer to benefit from all the advantages of the latest in video surveillance without having to commit to a certain type of technology. With the aid of a specially developed online configurator, the HDVR can be customized to your individual project requirements using one of more than 250 configurations available for selection, allowing set-up in just a few steps.

The new high-end video surveillance recorder from ABUS merges the very latest technology with maximum versatility. As a Tribrid video recorder, it can process analog, IP and HD-SDI signals, which are the latest trend in the video surveillance sector.

It can do everything: one device for analog, IP and HD-SDI cameras
The full system version of the ABUS HDVR provides up to 64 analog channel, or 24 IP channels, or 16 HD-SDI channels. For example, up to 64 different analog cameras can be combined, or alternatively 16 IP cameras can be combined with 32 analog cameras – depending on requirements and the intended use.  The freely selectable system configuration, which does not depend on the respective camera technology, allows just one HDVR to replace several conventional stand-alone recorder systems. The HD resolution provided on all channels means only around one-fifth of the number of cameras is required when standard VGA camera technology is used.

The latest recorder architecture with an Intel Core i7 processor
The ABUS HDVR is designed for uninterrupted professional use. Long-life industrial components, innovative cooling management and continuous fault monitoring ensure recording goes smoothly right around the clock.

The latest generation of Intel Core i7 processors in the ABUS HDVR keeps things in sync. Thanks to the outstanding efficiency of these high-end processors, compute-intensive IP video signals can be processed at the highest of speeds and with the highest level of security. Real-time HD recording using a maximum number of channels places high demands on the storage capacity. This is why the HDVR features a memory capacity of up to 8 TB, which is accomplished using 4 hard drives each with a 2 TB capacity. If less storage capacity is required, fewer hard drives are configured – unoccupied HDD slots can be retrofitted when required. A raid system, which links several hard disk drives into one logical system, thereby enabling redundant data management (duplicate data and parity data), ensures failsafe operation and outstanding data security. Security levels RAID 1, 5 or 10 are available for selection.

Video Management Software VMS 7 sets standards
The integrated ABUS video management software VMS 7 – made in Germany – earns points with its high security standards while remaining user-friendly. Remote access to extensions has already been integrated as a feature. Top system stability in 24-hour usage and flexible extensibility for cameras and memory space ensure the system is equipped for future requirements and protect your investment optimally.

Custom-made in Germany
Using the free-of-charge online tool, the HDVR Configurator, installers can put together their own individual HDVR to satisfy the requirements the device is needed for. Using the basic HDVR version as a starting point, the installer can decide which hardware components are most important, such as video surveillance cards, hard drives, and RAID configuration. The custom-made recorder will be assembled by hand in Germany from over 250 potential combinations.

Product promotions into the fall
The HDVR is now available in two different versions. The devices can record either analog and IP signals, or HD-SDI and IP signals. ABUS will be presenting its HDVR, which can process all three video technologies, at the Security Essen trade fair.

For more information, visit the HDVR Configurator here.

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