Low-priced video sets for constant lighting: Four-channel recorder plus mini dome from ABUS Security-Center


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Affing, February 29, 2012

An economical recorder, four interior mini dome cameras, and ready for immediate use: that’s the new TVVR31403 surveillance set from ABUS Security-Center for small shops.

The lights are usually on in small shops around the clock. This is in part to advertise the business or because such shops are located in large shopping centres that require constant lighting. A comprehensive video surveillance system thus does not require high-priced special cameras or high-end recorders.

An economical video system for properties that are constantly lit
The new TVVR31403 surveillance set with four interior mini dome cameras concentrates on what matters: the inconspicuous mini dome cameras keep an eye on your business with a 3.6 mm lens and 500 TV lines. The TVVR31103 set with just one interior mini dome camera is available for beginners or those with minimal surveillance requirements. The compact four-channel digital recorder is so small that it even fits under the shop counter. It offers four channels that record in real-time and 4CIF (704 x 576 pixels) resolutions. The H.264 compression allows the video images to be saved in high quality; at the same time, they require less memory and are optimized for fast network access. Depending on the setting, recording is started manually, according to a schedule, or through motion detection.

Distributor power supply unit for the recorder AND cameras
Very practical: you can operate the recorder and up to four cameras with just one power supply unit. This makes it possible to install the equipment where there is no electrical socket or separate power supply. That allows you to avoid cable spaghetti and hunting for electrical sockets, making installation easier.


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