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Affing, January 16, 2014

HD-SDI is far more than just a transmission technology. HD-SDI stands for sharp video surveillance images in HD quality at full frame rates, transmitted uncompressed via coaxial cable. ABUS has now added the day/night HD-SDI 1080p zoom camera (item no. TVHD51000) to its extensive HD-SDI range.

In the area of HD-SDI video surveillance, ABUS Security-Center offers the complete range of powerful indoor and outdoor cameras, recorders as well as a comprehensive range of accessories such as monitors, connectors and cables. The day/night HD-SDI 1080p zoom camera (item no. TVHD51000) has now been added to the HD-SDI portfolio. The zoom camera delivers full HD resolution and, in conjunction with a HD-SDI recorder, can be integrated easily in an existing CCTV infrastructure. The images are transmitted uncompressed in 2-megapixel quality via coaxial cable without additional components. Live viewing without delay on a HDMI monitor is possible by simply adding a HDMI converter. Installing the new HD-SDI camera is quick and easy because existing, intact coaxial cables can be reused and knowledge of IP is not required.

Constantly sharp images thanks to automatic focussing     

The 18x autofocus motorised zoom lens enables detecting objects which are far away, determines the distance and automatically adjusts the image sharpness. Details can therefore be observed at large distances and can be conveniently monitored. Using a switch output, the camera zooms to a defined point, such as a gate or a cupboard, as soon as movement is registered. The 1/2.8“ image sensor ensures good quality surveillance pictures - even in the dark. Typical areas for use might include filling stations or car parks. The camera is installed in a weatherproof housing for outdoor use

View everything clearly - even with backlighting

An additional advantage for difficult lighting conditions: The intelligent soft WDR function balances differences in brightness and contrast, particularly in conditions of intense backlighting. The day/night HD-SDI 1080p adjusts for differences in brightness and provides optimum facial recognition, particularly in the entrance area where sunlight shining from behind obscures the faces of persons entering. The noise reduction function enables good images to be recorded even under poor light conditions.

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