ABUS contributes to animal protection: Padlocks for Monkey Orphanage in Cameroon

Ainare Idoiaga, veterinarian and supervisor at Limbe Wildlife Centre. What connects her and the rest of her team is their love for the animals.
Quality „Made in Germany“ now also secures monkey compounds in Cameroon.


Wetter/Ruhr, July 14, 2014

Security is a basic need and plays an important role in the quality of life. ABUS illustrates that this is not solely applicable for humans by making a remarkable donation. With their high-quality padlocks the security products manufacturer from Germany supports an animal rights group in Cameroon. A project with an amazing impact!

The Project 

The “Limbe Wildlife Center“ (LWC) is a rescue station and shelter for monkeys in Cameroon. Founded in 1993 as a cooperation between the government and an NGO named „Pandrillus Foundation“, its goal is to protect different and sometimes threatened primate species, such as gorillas and chimpanzees. Poaching and illegal trade are especially problematic in the area: A total of 300 confiscated wild animals and orphans are being nurtured in the station with the ultimate goal to reintroduce them to the wild.

The Lock Dilemma

The monkeys are staying in nine different sections and each compound has to be secured individually. And that is exactly where the difficulties begin. Products that are commonplace in Western civilization are rarities in Cameroon: There are hardly any high-quality padlocks available for sale. And the ones there are, are usually keyed differently, i.e. each lock is operated with its own unique key.

For this reason, a large number of different keys had to be used to operate the facilities in the past. This lead not only to frustration from the organization’s volunteers, but also posed a big security risk. In the event of a medical emergency or in other critical situations it was almost impossible to open the cages fast enough to access the animals. This was also due to the fact that there were not nearly enough locks for all the cages and when locks were missing, cable straps or other makeshift solutions were applied.

Quality „Made in Germany“, now in Cameroon

When the people from the LWC described their difficult situation in a letter to ABUS, the German-based security products manufacturer did not hesitate to act. To secure the animals and to assist the important work at the station, a package with a total of 165 high-quality padlocks in two different sizes was sent to Cameroon. Today, only 2 keys are needed to operate both locking systems, to securely lock single cages, and to open them fast and easy.

„We are really happy that this new security solution is such a big help for the people at LWC,” said Jens Osterheider, Marketing Manager at ABUS. “ABUS has a long history of giving back to communities throughout the world and this is just another great example of the company’s corporate accountability.”

As a matter of fact the new locks have already proven themselves in practice: In a recent fight between two gorillas, one of the females was seriously injured. A short time ago, finding the right key in that large bunch could have cost Emma’s life. But with those times in the distance, the key to the padlock on Emma’s cage was found within seconds and so she immediately received the treatment she needed.



August Bremicker Söhne KG, short ABUS, has developed in 90 years from a manufacturer of traditional padlocks to a comprehensive brand for preventive security technologies with the divisions Home Security, Commercial Security and Recreational Security. The independent company group with its headquarters in Wetter, Germany is acting on a global scale and is the market leader and innovator in most countries of Central Europe.

About Limbe Wildlife Centre (LWC)

The LWC is a rescue station for threatened wild animals in the port city of Limbe in the Southwest of Cameroon. The project was brought into being in 1993 by the Cameroon government and the NGO „Pandrillus Foundation”. The station mostly shelters threatened African primates, amongst others both subspecies of Western gorillas, chimpanzees, drills, mandrills, baboons, and guenons.

About Pro Wildlife

The animal and species protection organization „Pro Wildlife“ fights worldwide for wild animals and their habitats. Pro Wildlife saves monkeys, elephants and other animals in danger, secures sanctuaries and sensitizes local people about the protection of wild animals. With their political work, Pro Wildlife tries to influence laws and decisions in order to contain the exploitation of the environment. Pro Wildlife’s goal: Make the general public, politicians and entrepreneurs rethink about the responsible interaction with animals and nature.

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