Stiftung Warentest tests window locks – test winners include ABUS security experts

Winner in the category „Window break-in protection“ with „very good“: ABUS window handle lock ABUS FO400. © ABUS


Wetter/Ruhr – 25 April 2014

In the current issue of "test" (05/2014), the German consumer organisation Stiftung Warentest took a close look at a selection of window locks from various suppliers, and the ABUS anti-burglary solutions impressed across the board. Test winner in the category “window break-in protection” and the only product to receive the distinction “very good” (test score: 1.5) for the entire test is the window handle lock ABUS FO400, followed by the additional window lock ABUS FTS206 with the quality rating of “good” (1.7). The lockable window handle ABUS FG300 also impressed, heading the test table "window handles (lockable)” with the rating “good” (2.3).

Most burglars have their eyes on windows, patio or balcony doors. Here they often try their “luck” with a screwdriver – but usually give up on their burglary attempt after two or three unsuccessful minutes. About 145,000 break-ins were recorded in Germany in 2012, 56,000 of which were aborted without success in the preliminary stage – because burglars failed due, among other things, to additional mechanical locks for windows and doors.

Stiftung Warentest tests a total of 13 retrofitted locks

In issue 05/2014 of the magazine “test”, eight retrofitted burglar resistant products for windows and patio doors as well as five lockable window handles were tested for resistance to pressing open, forcing open and stability of the levers, handles and latches. On the one hand, the testers tested products in the category“window break-in protection”and recommend the double test winner ABUS. The magazine “test” reached the following conclusion: “The best protection against burglary is provided by ABUS FO400 as a replacement for the existing window or door handle,” as well as “the lockable protection for the handle side ABUS FTS206.” On the other hand, products in the category “window handles (lockable)” were examined – and once again ABUS impressed the testers with the model ABUS FG300.

Window handle lock FO400
Additional window lock FTS206
Lockable window handle FG300 

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