Wetter/Ruhr, September 16, 2013

This year’s international EUROBIKE show, (Friedrichshafen, 28-31 August) got underway with the presentation of the annual EUROBIKE AWARDS. The sports helmet ABUS In-Vizz received the coveted gold award – impressing the judges with its innovative and user-friendly functionality.

This new In-Vizz helmet was designed specifically for serious sports use and has an integrated visor that can be retracted into the helmet and pulled out again when needed – quickly, easily and even while on the move. Up to now, visors on sport helmets were either permanently fixed or had to be installed and removed afterwards. In contrast, the In-Vizz allows the integrated visor to be pulled out with just one hand. High impact-resistant polycarbonate and the width of the visor also ensure that the eyes are protected from head wind, rain, sun and dirt – a particularly important consideration also for spectacle wearers.

"We are pleased that we were able to impress the judges with the ABUS In-Vizz", said Bernard Frankrone, Marketing- and PR-Manager Mobile Security at ABUS. "The GOLD award is an important recognition for us because it focuses especially on innovative products – and that is certainly what the development of the In-Vizz was all about: a sports helmet that offered new and unique benefits to consumers", he continued.

That the In-Vizz manifestly succeeded in this regard was borne out not just by the award itself but also by the EUROBIKE judges’ comments:

"The visor in the ABUS In-Vizz bicycle helmet is easy to operate with just one hand. That makes life a lot easier for the cyclist. The function of the helmet is not compromised in any way. It’s amazing that something so easy hasn’t been put on the market before!”

The competition was hosted by the show in Friedrichshafen for the ninth year – and recorded more entries than ever received before. 496 entries from 30 different countries were submitted and evaluated by the panel of judges. 61 products were honoured with a EUROBIKE 2013 AWARD, ten of which received a GOLD award for exceptional design and innovation – including the ABUS In-Vizz.

The sports helmet ABUS In-Vizz received the coveted Eurobike gold award. © ABUS


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