It all starts with an idea. Production and development at ABUS.

Innovative safety products require effective development work. At ABUS’ research and development centres, research is carried out into how best to protect people and property both today and in future. The experts from ABUS continue to have success here , even with the toughest safety requirements, in implementing intelligent, intriguing and highly-effective security solutions of the highest quality. The list of ABUS innovations is long. Our pioneering spirit ensures that it will continue to grow.

Quality put to the test

The German development and production sites in Wetter, Rehe, Hege, Pfaffenhain and Affing are the ABUS think tank. This is where the inspiration, intelligent security solutions and innovative products originate, before having to prove their quality in extreme material tests and intrusion simulations carried out in modern test laboratories. 
In order to be able to counteract the increasingly brutal attacks from intruders and thieves, products are continuously removed from ongoing production and exposed to the harshest stress. This includes, in addition to the classic material and impact tests, extreme mechanical material tests, manual intrusion simulations and low temperature tests.



ABUS Wetter/Hege (Germany)

Since 1924 padlocks have been produced at the original ABUS location – including the Diskus series and lamellar padlocks. What are known as “love padlocks” get their finishing touch in the engraving centre.


ABUS Wetter/Am Nielande (Germany)

Since 1968 a large number of production and other services have been offered at the main location at the ABUS headquarters. Especially door cylinders, as well as high-quality brass padlocks, are produced in large numbers.


ABUS Rehe (Germany)

Since 1957 the research and development center, along with the main production site for window and door safeguards as well as motorcycle and bicycle locks, has been located in Rehe. The in-house tool and special machine building ensures precision Made in Germany.


ABUS Pfaffenhain (Germany)

Since 1946 security technology is produced at the location in Pfaffenhain. Today ABUS Pfaffenhain develops and manufactures high quality locking systems providing security and clear structures worldwide. The combination of mechanical cylinders with electronic locking systems produced by SECCOR allows great flexibility for complex locking systems.


ABUS Security-Center Affing (Germany)

In Affing, near Augsburg, ABUS develops and tests its solutions in the areas of video surveillance, alarm technology and access control.


ABUS Security-Center Kiel (Germany)

Since 2007 software for video management and video surveillance recorders has been developed here. Specialists are working at full speed on effective ideas in order to develop efficient and user-friendly security systems.


ABUS Shenzhen (China)

Since 1988 padlocks for international markets have been produced in Shenzen according to German quality standards. State-of-the-art production technology today ensures precise and technically well-engineered products for the global market.


ABUS Kaiping (China)

Since 1985 ABUS has been using the location in Kaiping to produce a portion of the broad bicycle and motorcycle lock range for the international markets.

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