The outlet in München-Pasing trusts Terxon LX

With 800 restaurants, SUBWAY® is the second largest fast food chain in Germany. In its expansion strategy, SUBWAY® relies 100% on independent entrepreneurs, who penetrate the local market as franchisee partners according to a specific company and brand concept. The franchisees have a free hand with regard to protecting their shops because the size of the shops varies in line with demand. The outlet in München-Pasing was equipped with security technology from ABUS to protect it from break-ins.

Fact sheet

Application area: Hotels and restaurants
Object: SUBWAY® outlet
Location: Munich, Germany
Project goal: Protection against burglary

Challenge and solution

Protecting all entrances

  • Unauthorised opening of windows, doors and skylights is detected and reported to the alarm panel
  • High-quality magnetic contact with VdS-B certification

Detecting any culprits inside the building

  • Outside business hours, motion detectors detect any culprits inside the building
  • Using motion detectors DUPLEX MW VdS: Passive infrared (PIR) and microwave (MW) technology ensure very high protection against false alarms

Several employees with different access rights

  • The Terxon LX Hybrid Alarm panel can create 12 different authorisation levels for 99 users in the system

Questions & answers

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