Secvest 2WAY wireless alarm system for office blocks

Jürgen Schmieder GmbH in Augsburg, a branch office of the Zurich insurance group, is one of the largest branch offices in the Federal Republic of Germany. The office manager would like to protect not only the several thousand customers but also the 20 or so staff at the office. As part of a cooperation arrangement between ABUS and Zurich, Jürgen Schmieder GmbH decided to install the Secvest 2WAY wireless alarm panel to protect the office. Its motto: "Zurich puts its money where its mouth is."

Fact sheet

Application area: Trade
Object: Office building
Location: Augsburg, Germany
Project goal: Break-in protection

Challenge and solution

Protection from break-ins and fire

  • Complete perimeter protection: All windows and doors are protected thanks to the 48 wireless zones of the Secvest 2WAY system
  • The simple integration of wireless smoke detectors in the system means that the Secvest 2WAY is also a danger detection system

Convenient and simple operation

  • Using the proximity chip key, all employees can operate the system without having to enter a code
  • The LEDs on the control panel always show the current system status

Quick installation without constructional modifications

  • Using the Secvest 2WAY wireless alarm, it was easy to install the system in the renovated old-style villa. Thanks to wireless technology, there was no need to lay cables or hack into walls.

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