Gold plated cylinders for the “Tower of the Arabs”

The Burj Al Arab, also known as the “Tower of the Arabs“, was built from 1994 to 1999. It took two years to create the artificial island on which it is constructed. The hotel is 321 m high and contains 60 floors. It is the most expensive and most luxurious hotel in the world and after the “Rose Tower“ in Dubai the second-highest building. The hotel in the shape of a sail is the landmark of the city Dubai. Officially it is a five-star hotel, but unofficially it is a seven-star hotel because of the extremely exclusive equipment.

Fact sheet

Application area: Hotels and restaurants
Object: Burj Al Arab
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Project goal: Security and special design

Challenge and solution

Special demands

  • Use of gold plated cylinders and screws 

Prevent a complete cylinder exchange when a key is lost

  • Use of the secondary key set system: when the first key is lost the use of the second key makes the adaptation and the secure use possible

Security because of quality

  • Protection of the luxury hotel in our system V14
  • Effective picking resistance because of bent precision shape
  • A blocking ball blocks in case of an opening attempt with a manipulated key

Questions & answers

Security glossary