System V14 for the security of a boarding school

The boarding school Torgelow was founded in 1994 and is a state-approved, special private school. Children can attend classes 5 to 12 and there are not more than 12 pupils per class. The school participates in the national A-level examination board.

ABUS provided an appropriate key system so that the pupils and teachers of the boarding school feel safe.

Fact sheet

Application area: Public institutions
Object: Boarding school “Castle Torgelow”
Location: Torgelow, Germany
Project goal: Mechanical key system for classrooms and living rooms

Challenge and solution

Security in classrooms and living rooms

  • Use of system V14
  • Bent precision shape for an effective picking protection
  • The special profile shape offers high protection against key copying
  • The blocking ball blocks in case of manipulation attempts, the manipulated key cannot be removed  

Key system to coordinate classrooms and living rooms

  • Installation of different cylinder types (double, knob, half and cam cylinder) so that only one key has to be used from the letter box to the front door
  • Group keys can be used for single areas (e.g. administration, living rooms), the GMK can open all cylinders

Questions & answers

Security glossary