French fries with added safety guarantee: ABUS video surveillance at Ecofrost, Belgium

Whether served with steak or fish, or just on their own with mayonnaise or ketchup, french fries are one of the most popular dishes in the world. Deep-fried potatoes originated in Belgium and are one of the country’s culinary specialities. In keeping with this promise of quality, the production processes for potato products at Ecofrost in Péruwelz – one of Belgium’s largest potato processing companies – are subject to strict controls. This is why the company chose ABUS IP cameras to monitor their entire production process, allowing them to maintain a comprehensive overview of the extensive production site at all times, day or night, even in extreme temperatures.

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Fact sheet

Application area: Industry
Object: Food manufacturer Ecofrost
Location: Péruwelz, Belgium
Project goal: Securing production processes of food manufacturer Ecofrost with video surveillance

Referenz Lebensmittelhersteller Ecofrost

Challenge and solution

Quality control at all temperatures – from the Sahara to the Arctic

  • Video surveillance of the whole production process
  • Stable, detailed camera view at -25 degrees Celsius in the cold storage houses and up to 50 degrees Celsius in the production halls
  • Camera function at steam and dust thanks to IP protection class 66
  • Live-surveillance for employee safety when working with heavy machinery

Reliable round-the-clock surveillance of large areas

  • 24-7-surveillance in indoor and outdoor areas
  • High-contrast camera image with high colour fidelity, due to exceptional night vision
  • Smooth function at all weather and temperature conditions

Quick to install and activate

  • Quick, smooth installation of the video surveillance system in spite of big factory premises
  • Centralization and recording on seven 32-channel network video recorders
  • Comfortable mobile access to live camera image via smartphone and tablet

Questions & answers

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