Safe Escapes: ABUS Video Surveillance for Live Escape Games, Berlin

One room, one team and 66 minutes to escape. At "Exit – Live Adventures" in Berlin, teams are tested on creative solutions, dexterity and teamwork. The interactive live escape games are therefore in demand with companies as team building events, but are also very popular with private groups. The small game rooms need to be safe and secure. Thanks to ABUS IP video surveillance, the operators always know what's going on.

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Fact sheet

Application area: Culture and entertainment
Object: Exit – Live Adventures
Location: Berlin
Project goal: Video surveillance of the gaming area of Exit - Live Adventures

Case Study Exit - Live Adventures

Challenge and solution

Security for live escape games with ABUS video surveillance

  • Live video surveillance of the premises during operating hours
  • Clarification in case of theft, vandalism and burglary outside operating hours thanks to video recording
  • Video surveillance in dark rooms due to excellent wide dynamic range and night vision function

ABUS cameras for live game monitoring

  • Intensive game monitoring via 106 degree view of the ABUS IP cameras
  • Live video surveillance for the security of the teams in narrow game rooms

Quick to install and activate

  • Easy installation and setup 
  • Power over Ethernet supply for an uncomplicated installation
  • Visual integration of the ABUS IP cameras into the game worlds due to flat, subtle design

Questions & answers

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