Secure production processes: ABUS video surveillance in the Ellerdonk gravel plant

Gravel and sand play a role in many parts of everyday life: They are used in construction, in the manufacturing of glass and porcelain, and even as an additive in toothpaste, cleaning materials and cosmetics. But where does this valuable raw material come from? Processing facilities like the Ellerdonk gravel plant in Rees source and unearth stones from up to 30 metres below the surface and process it into industrially usable gravel. While moving the stones, the conveyor belts are monitored very closely because if contamination is not detected promptly, a high product quality cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, the Ellerdonk gravel plant relies on intelligently positioned ABUS IP cameras which quickly detect disturbances and thus ensure a consistently high product quality. 

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Fact sheet

Application area: Industry
Object: Ellerdonk Gravel Plant
Location: Rees (Germany)
Project goal: Video surveillance of a gravel plant for secure production processes

Case Study Ellerdonk Gravel Plant

Challenge and solution

ABUS video cameras for quality assurance

  • Installation of 13 ABUS IP tube outdoor cameras for a quick detection of contamination in the material and disturbances at the conveyor belts
  • Use of cameras with night vision function for the use in underpasses and dark places in the machine halls
  • Enabling of live-surveillance in full HD image quality

Vibrations create challenges

  • The heavy machinery in the gravel plant causes powerful vibrations, making the maintaining of a constant camera image difficult
  • By intelligently relocating several video cameras and individually adjusting the camera mounts with additional rubber parts and steel joints, a good image result was achieved

Oversight of the whole production site with PTZ camera domes

  • Installation of PTZ outdoor camera domes to overlook the spacious production premises
  • The camera domes’ panning and zoom functions allow the accompanying of work processes in real-time
  • The night vision function and the tremendously robust housing enable video surveillance in challenging light and weather conditions

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