Protection of a 8000m² warehouse

Heinrich Lütticken first set up shop in 1857, selling agricultural products and groceries, dry goods and hardware and running its own workshop. Today, the medium-sized family-run steel processor sells all types of products required by locksmiths, steelworks and structural engineering companies. In order to protect the area surrounding the 8,000 m² warehouse in Wittlich, and better monitor the frequent comings and goings of trucks in the loading areas, Heinrich Lütticken GmbH has installed video cameras from ABUS.

Fact sheet

Application area: Logistics
Object: Lütticken steel hangar
Location: Wittlich, Germany
Project goal: Surveillance of the outdoor area, monitoring of the loading area

Challenge and solution

Protecting the area surrounding the 8000m² warehouse

  • Positioning waterproof ABUS IR cameras on all corners of the warehouse
  • 480 TV lines provide good-quality images; 42 integrated IR LEDs provide adequate lighting at night

Monitoring the interior

  • Positioning a manually controlled speed dome camera in the middle of the warehouse
  • Thanks to the 360° rotation and the pan/tilt function, just one camera is used to monitor activities in the warehouse
  • A 23x motorised zoom and a 10x digital zoom function monitor all details clearly, even at long distances

Precise and inconspicuous monitoring of the loading area

  • Undercover monitoring of this area using a super mini camera

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