Protecting a hospital complex

St. Josef's Hospital, which is run by the Vinzenz group, is a non-profit hospital and covers all fields of classical medicine. It is famous nationwide for its obstetrics and gynaecology department. In 2009, it was one of the first hospitals in Austria to be successfully certified and risk management and patient security are of great importance to the institution. To meet these needs even more effectively, the hospital was fitted with security technology from ABUS. Video cameras monitor the aisles, cloak rooms and the large underground car park.

Fact sheet

Application area: Health and social care
Object: St. Josef's Hospital
Location: Vienna 13, Austria
Project goal: Protecting an entire hospital complex

Challenge and solution

Complete and consistent protection of the entire hospital complex from the underground car park to the fourth floor

  • Use of 32 ABUS IR vario domes in the underground car park and the aisles
  • 24 integrated IR-LEDs ensure sufficient illumination in dark corridors

Distances of up to 320 m between camera and recorder

  • 3600 m video cable, signal repeaters and video noise filters
  • Control panel, simple control and access to the recorder via an ABUS DVR keyboard

Remote access to video data from a central location

  • Access to all functions of the recorder possible even across large distances

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