Petrol pumps in clear view with HD video surveillance from ABUS

Filling up fraud, shoplifting, vandalism, illegal dumping of rubbish, fake damage from the car wash – this is not part of a police report, but the problems of everyday life at German petrol stations. Aral petrol station owner, Peter Beducker, whose petrol station in Langweid near Augsburg has been in the family for 77 years, can also tell you a thing or two about it. His solution is  a high resolution video surveillance system with video management software made in Germany by ABUS Security-Center, the video surveillance experts. Thanks to the combination of IP and HD-SDI video technology, the existing analogue video system could be converted to HD standard cost-effectively.  Download complete case study (Zip; 7 MB)

Fact sheet

Application area: Industry
Object: Aral petrol station
Location: Langweid, Germany
Project goal: Conversion to HD standard in and around the petrol station

Challenge and solution

Cost-effective conversion of existing CCTV to HD standard

  • cost-effective combination of IP and HD-SDI cameras which enables access to the existing network or the existing coax cable
  • high performance hybrid recorder: HDVR from ABUS which has optional interfaces for analogue, IP and HD-SDI image data

24/7 hard evidence of events

  • exterior day/night video surveillance:13 petrol pumps, 6 self-service vacuum cleaners, 3 jet wash stations, 1 "AdBlue" filling point for lorries, 1 car wash
  • interior day/night video surveillance: shop for groceries and lottery tickets, cashpoint, car wash

Convenient remote access

  • the video management software (VMS) developed in Germany by ABUS permits access to live images with smartphones, iPads etc. regardless of your location
  • ABUS VMS allows a detailed image search according to various criteria, such as time or image content

Effect on the insurance policy

  • effective against feigned damages on cars
  • solving petrol theft and shoplifting incidents
  • better deals when it comes to insurance premiums

Questions & answers

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