ABUS secures the East Frisian Tea Museum, Germany

Just a few kilometres away from the North Sea, where fresh sea breezes sweep over the brick houses, lies the East Frisian tea museum. A magnificent Renaissance building from the 16th Century, the former town hall of Norden now houses the entrance of the museum, inviting visitors to discover the world of East Frisian tea culture. The exhibitions, which include precious tea sets made from fine bone china or precious silver, require special protection against theft and vandalism. This protection is provided by a total of 31 ABUS camera domes with night vision, ensuring an overview of all the museum’s winding halls and dimly-lit areas. The richly detailed video image quality and seamless live broadcasting and recording of video material allow the staff to keep watch over everything happening in the museum so they can react accordingly if something does not seem right.
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Fact sheet

Application area: Public institutions
Object: East Frisian Tea Museum
Location: Norden, Germany
Project goal: Video surveillance of the East Frisian Tea Museum

Challenge and solution

Video surveillance in difficult lighting conditions

  • Installation of 31 ABUS video cameras with integrated automatic night vision for the supervision of the museum's winding halls by day and night 
  • Image quality in high detail and full hd with superior color fidelity, even in dimly-lit exhibition rooms

Video Surveillance Solution combining Analogue HD and IP Cameras

  • Integration of analogue HD and IP cameras in one comprehensive surveillance solution
  • Thus, no general cost- and time-consuming conversion from coax to network cables needed

Monitoring for additional security and visitor management

  • Live-monitoring of the exhibition rooms to prevent theft and vandalism
  • Video recording on ABUS video recorders for a post hoc clarification of incidents
  • Live-insight for the museum staff to manage groups of visitors

Questions & answers

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