Protecting school grounds

Fights, theft and wilful damage are now part of the course in many schools. The Japanese International School in Frankfurt shows it does not have to be this way. As violent crimes are usually committed by unauthorised third parties who enter the school grounds, the school decided to install professional security technology from ABUS to track down the perpetrators. Parents, students and teachers welcomed the move, as the cameras help to effectively prevent violence and crime.

Fact sheet

Application area: Public institutions
Object: Japanese International School
Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Project goal: Surveillance of the school grounds

Challenge and solution

High-quality external surveillance

  • Waterproof IR compact cameras guarantee trouble-free use, even in inclement weather conditions
  • Even when the human eye can see nothing, the cameras still deliver perfect images thanks to integrated IR LEDs

Fullfilment of all data protection requirements

  • Recordings are made once specific prerequisites are fulfilled
  • Areas outside the school grounds are blacked out
  • Video material is only available to select responsible parties
  • Recordings are deleted at regular intervals

Questions & answers

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