Secure access to medicines and more – ABUS access control in Gudjons pharmacy, Augsburg

Pharmacies are a target for quick intrusions every year, and it is particularly easy for offenders to gain access to small branches with insufficient security. The cash in the till and safe, as well as narcotic substances, are frequently targeted by thieves. If the break-in takes place overnight during the out-of-hours emergency service, then the welfare of the employees on duty is also put at risk. This is why Gudjons pharmacy in Augsburg uses the CodeLoxx access control system from ABUS to provide round-the-clock security. With robust stainless steel cylinders, the system reliably protects against intrusion and precisely controls who gains access to which area at which time, and who does not.

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Fact sheet

Application area: Health and social care
Object: Gudjons pharmacy
Location: Augsburg (Germany)
Project goal: Securing Gudjons pharmacy Augsburg with access control

ABUS Case Study Gudjons pharmacy, Augsburg

Challenge and solution

Controlled access provides security

  • Individual access rights for the pharmacy staff with diverse tasks and working hours
  • Robust stainless steel double knob cylinders for effective intrusion protection
  • Security and access control 24/7

One key for many doors

  • Chip keys with individual access rights for access to specifically assigned rooms and hours
  • Combination of several authorizations on one chip key for easy and comfortable use

Quick to install and activate

  • Quick installation of the CodeLoxx double knob cylinders, the entry units and the control device
  • Quick changes of access rights possible

Questions & answers

Security glossary