Outdoor Analogue HD Mini Dome IR 1080p (2.8 mm) (Art. no. HDCC32500)

  • Full HD 1080p resolution: 1920 x 1080 @ 25 fps
  • Transmission using conventional CCTV infrastructure (RG6 cable up to 500 metres)
  • 2.8 mm fixed lens
  • 1/3" CMOS image sensor
  • With 24 IR LEDs for night vision, up to approx. 20 m range
  • 3D DNR function for noise-free images
  • True WDR function to compensate for image contrasts (120 dB)
  • Weatherproof camera housing (IP66)

Outdoor Analogue HD Mini Dome IR 1080p (2.8 mm) (Art. no. HDCC32500)

We expressly recommend having this product installed by a certified specialist.

Full HD up to a maximum range of 500 metres
With its 2.8 mm fixed lens and 1/3" CMOS image sensor, this mini dome camera creates brilliant video image data, which is transmitted in full HD resolution at a range of up to 300 metres (RG59) or 500 metres (RG6) via coaxial cable.

Noise-free images and optimal contrast compensation
The 24 integrated infrared LEDs, which have a range of 10 metres, and the 3D DNR function and True WDR function provide noise-free images day or night without extreme backlight contrast. The images can be used for clear identification of individuals or number plates.

Long night-vision range and extreme weather protection
The simple design and high protection class (IP66) allow for smooth 24/7 operation both indoors and in unsheltered outdoor areas.

The effective IR range will depend on the installation location. If there are surfaces that absorb light or no objects that reflect IR light in the field of view, the IR range will be reduced and/or the video image will be too dark. Reflective objects in the immediate vicinity of the camera (e.g. roof gutter or wall) may also result in the reflection of IR light, which can disturb the image.

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