Wi-Fi Pan/Tilt Camera & App (Art. no. TVAC19000B)

  • For effective all-round monitoring of interior spaces
  • Guided step-by-step installation via app (iOS, Android)
  • App access of up to 8 cameras
  • HD 720p resolution and infrared night vision function for brilliant image quality
  • E-mail notification, snapshot function and push notification via app when motion is detected
  • All-around visibility (350° panning and 90° tilting range)
  • Recording to SD card (accessory, max. 32 GB)
  • Low network load thanks to compressed data transfer (H.264 compression)

Wi-Fi Pan/Tilt Camera & App (Art. no. TVAC19000B)

Effective all-around monitoring indoors
This WLAN pan/tilt camera comes with the compatible app for iOS or Android and offers brilliant image quality at any time of day or night with a resolution of 720p. The camera can monitor 350° in the panning range and 90° in the tilting range. Thanks to the app, installation is quick and easy even for technical laymen.

Event notification and mobile access via app
Movement within the field of vision of the camera triggers recording on the SD card. If desired, you will be informed of incidents by e-mail or push notification and can take a snapshot or access the corresponding video image data using the app. Using the app, you also have access to the image material of up to eight cameras at the same time, enabling mobile monitoring wherever you are. The effective data compression of the camera relieves the network and increases storage space.

Note on the product:
This product can only be set up and operated using the app and is not compatible with online access, PC software or recorders.

The effective IR range will depend on the installation location. If there are surfaces that absorb light or no objects that reflect IR light in the field of view, the IR range will be reduced and/or the video image will be too dark. Reflective objects in the immediate vicinity of the camera (e.g. roof gutter or wall) may also result in the reflection of IR light, which can disturb the image.

Art. no.: TVAC19000B
Technology: IP
Resolution modes: HD 1280 x 720 incl. audio
Image sensor: MP CMOS
Frame rate: VGA @ 20 fps / VGA @ 25 fps / 720p @ 5 fps / 720p @ 10
Width: 80 mm
Focal length: 2,8 mm
Digital zoom: 4x
Frequency: 2,4 GHz
Housing material: Plastic
Height: 115 mm
Horizontal angle of view: 50°±3° °
IR LEDs: 5 IR Power LEDs
IR range (up to): 5 m
IR cut filter:
Length: 87 mm
Max. resolution @ frame rate: 720p @ 5/ 10/ 20 fps (max.) incl. audio
Max. operating temperature: 50 °C
Min. operating temperature: -10 °C
Minimum illumination (color): 1 lx
Net weight: 0,35 kg
Network access: Ethernet (10/100 Base-T/Base-TX); Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n)
Network camera protocols: TCP/IP, UDP, SMTP, NTP, DHCP, ARP
Range of night vision function: 3 m
Pan/tilt area: 270° / 90°
DC voltage supply: 5 V
Power consumption: 500 mA
Encryption: WPA /WPA2/WPA2-PSK (TKIP, 128 bit AES)
Video compression: H.264

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Wi-Fi pan/tilt camera & app
  • 1x Power supply unit including EU, Australian and UK adapters , 5 V DC/1.5 A
  • 1x LAN cable
  • 1x Ceiling mount
  • 1x Antenna
  • 1x User Manual

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  • Firmware

    • Firmware TVAC19000 Firmware compatible with: TVAC19000, TVAC19100HistoryVersion: V1.0.9.16Release date: 02/07/2017File name: mbootpImageNote:Follow the steps below to perform the firmware update: (Available with Firmware Open the advanced settings of the camera in the App2Cam App (The camera checks every 6 hours, if a new firmware is available)2. Confirm the Firmware-Update3. Wait about 5 minutes until the firmware-update is doneIf your camera has a lower firmware-version please use the following steps to perform the firmware-update:1. Copy the mbootpImage file onto an empty micro SD card.2. Disconnect the camera from the mains voltage.3. Insert the micro SD card into the camera.4. Connect the camera to a power supply.5. You must not disconnect the camera from the power supply during the firmware update, as this may result in irreparable damage to the device.6. Wait for three minutes until the firmware update is complete. Once the update has been successful, the camera will once again register as an access point.7. The firmware file will be changed to mbootpImage.done. To perform a firmware update on another camera, copy the file onto the micro SD card again and repeat all of the installation steps.Changes:1. Optimized WiFi-Strength2. WiFi automode "None" and "WiFi" added3. Optimized Push-Notifications4. Bug-fixes

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