wAppLoxx Control (Art. no. 505272)

  • Professional access control using wAppLoxx Control via a web browser or app
  • Quick and easy creation of access rights based on individuals, doors, times and dates
  • Data backed up on site in the wAppLoxx Control
  • Effective mechanical intrusion protection
  • Flexible: all components are connected in a wireless network and flexibly expandable at any time

wAppLoxx Control (Art. no. 505272)

Smart access control
wAppLoxx is the ideal solution for professional, modular access control for small to medium-sized premises and homes. The wireless system allows for access authorisations and time schedules for up to 20 doors and 150 users. Configuration takes place via web-based software, meaning all changes are made in real time.

Time and cost savings
The wAppLoxx makes it possible for access rights to be assigned to each employee within the company for specific periods of time. In homes, remote access to the app can allow cleaning staff to open doors, or can limit access to only certain defined areas of the house. All of the system’s components remain flexible and expandable at any time, thanks to the wireless network.

Arming alarm systems
The WLX control unit can also be connected to an existing burglar alarm system and can be used to arm or disarm the system. The system set-up means the risk of false alarms when opening doors is avoided.

Always see who is at the door
wAppLoxx offers the unique opportunity to integrate video surveillance with ABUS IP cameras. This ensures you are always able to see who is trying to gain access to the building. You can then use the app to open the door once you have verified the live image. To enable a recording, you select from a range of events: entry, entry denied or, for example, also activation or deactivation. The recordings can be accessed using the log search.

Relay control & permanent access
With wAppLoxx you are also able to control up to two additional electronic devices, such as door openers or lights, using a relay circuit. This can be controlled from anywhere using web access, or via the app using hot keys. Doors with regular through traffic, for example in a doctors surgery, can also be opened without a transponder using the permanent access function, which can be set to allow access during a pre-defined period of time.

Art. no.: 505272
Housing: Surface mounted
Material: Plastic casing
Maximum number of locking media: 150
Logging and time function:
Color: White
Dimensions: Outside: 160 × 110 × 28 mm (H × W × D) mm
Connections: Relay 1+2: 30V DC, 2A, inputs 1,2+3: 12V DC, max. 0.1A
Width: 110 mm
Radio frequency: 868,3 MHz
Wireless range: Indoors: 30 m, free field nominal: 100 m
Functions: Grant authorisation for access and/or arming/disarming, special key for a monitoring station, fallback transponder, authorise remote access, remote arming/disarming, event management and e-mail notifications, log and time function
Height: 160 mm
Length: 28 mm
Max. humidity: 80 %
Configuration: Web interface (web browser, platform independent)
DC voltage supply: 12 V
Language of instructions: DE, ES, FR, NL, EN
Packaging language: DE, ES, FR, NL, EN
Power consumption: 250 mA
Encryption: AES 128 bit

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x wAppLoxx Control
  • 1x Quickstart guide
  • 1x Secure Code Karte
  • 1x Software CD wAppLoxx Control Finder
  • 1x microSD card
  • 1x Drilling template


Required accessories:

WLX Access Double knob cylinder Standard

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