Container Lock ConHasp Granit™ 215/100

  • Can also be used on sliding doors, barn doors, lorries with double wing doors, etc.
Leverage attack resistant - the most common break-in method
Leverage attack resistant (withstands pulling force in excess of 6 tons)
Drill attack resistant
Hammer & impact attack resistant
German development and production
Tested and approved product
Replacement cylinders and keys can be produced on presentation of code card
Keyed alike padlocks: can be opened by single key
Worldwide proven protection mechanism against manipulation and picking
Solid steel ball locking
Shackle locked on both sides
Bolt cutter attack resistant
Saw attack resistant
* only 215/100 + 37/55HB100 and 215/100 + 37/55HB100

Container Lock ConHasp Granit™ 215/100


  • Fits the most common transport and storage containers
  • Also applicable for sliding doors, gates, truck wing doors, etc.
  • For additional security of e.g. containers
  • Use suitable padlock as locking device: 37RK/70HB100, 37/55HB100 or 83/80HB100
  • Extremely resistant steel
  • Manufactured with special welding technology for enhanced security
  • All parts corrosion resistant
  • 37/55 and 37RK/70 with ABUS-Plus cylinder and code card


  • Color: black
Art. no.: 45707
Width a [mm]: 220
Depth b [mm]: 120
Height c [mm]: 85
Weight [g]: 6534


Container Lock 215/100 + 37/55HB100
Art. no. 45707

Weight [g]: 6534
Container Lock 215/100 + 37RK/70HB100 
Art. no. 45708

Weight [g]: 6935
Container Lock 215/100 + 83/80HB100 (without cylinder) 
Art. no. 52500

Version: without cylinder
Weight [g]: 6900


Container security

The constantly rising rate of container break-ins and thefts from containers increases both the costs and the problems for shipping agents and customers. Protect your valuables by increasing your container security. With the ABUS container lock Granit, ABUS offers a lock that is VdS-certified and will protect your container effectively. The container lock is approved by insurance companies. ...
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