Cylinder Integral Schließzylinder Integral

  • Interior and exterior
  • In combination with DIN lock cases
  • To meet very high security demands
  • Legal copy protection on the basis of a patent as well as high technical copy protection
  • For keyed different and keyed alike cylinders with security card as well as large and complex key systems

Cylinder Integral Schließzylinder Integral


  • Cylinder material: brass nickel-plated (finish NI)
  • Key material: nickel silver
  • Integrated hard metal plate offers high drill protection
  • Increased stability by thicker key dross-section
  • Symmetrical patented reversible key, comfortable to use
  • Up to 16 active locking elements in three planes of angles plus two additional lateral locking elements allow a high protection against manipulation
  • Keys available with 1 to 6 cuts plus dimples


  • Available as double, knob and half cylinder, cam cylinder, circular cylinder for lock cases, padlocks and many other cylinder types
  • 5 pin system (basic length of 53 mm in total) with up to 13 locking elements in 3 rows
  • 6 pin system (basic length of 61 mm in total) with up to 16 locking elements in 3 rows
  • Cylinders can be enlarged in steps of 5 mm on top oft he basic length, symmetrical and assymetrical
  • Finishes: chromium-plated, electropolished brass, antique bronze, mat/gold-plated, polished/cold plated (special cylinders on demand)
  • Special features like e.g. emergency feature, salt water resistance (finish CR and special pins) free-wheel cam, VdS certificate and many more available


Door cylinders

The door cylinder is the heart of any door and has top priority when it comes to protection against break-ins. Despite their importance, many locking cylinders based on outdated technology are still being fitted – with no protection against tampering, with no emergency or hazard functions, etc. Today's door cylinders are high-quality, high-tech products with versatile and effective features. Each is a miniature masterpiece in itself and ...
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