Door fitting KLS114

Universal and reliable: Make your front door more secure with this door fitting. The layered construction of the door hardware as well as the assembly by means of internal screw connection and strong cams make life difficult for burglars.
  • Protective hardware for apartment front doors with an 8 mm square shaft and a 72 mm clearance
  • Long cover plate
  • Handle set with door lever on the inside and fixed knob on the outside

Door fitting KLS114


Flat doors are often inadequately secured. A door fitting can change that.

You always want to be able to exit out of your front door. Whether you are at home or on the road. But often they are not sufficiently secured. Common problem: Lock cylinders protrude somewhat. Burglars can then simply remove them by force and enter your home. Make your flat door more secure with a door fitting. This door hardware is specially designed for universal use on flat doors with door thicknesses from 37 to 47 millimetres. It is composed of a metal lower shield and a lightweight metal upper shield. Internal bolting and strong cams increase breakaway protection.


  • According to DIN EN 1906 SK 1 and DIN 18 257 ES 0
  • Increased leverage resistance: solid cams plus inner screws
  • Proven layered construction: hardened steel bottom plate, plus sturdy cover plate
  • Thickness: 15 mm
  • Spacing: 72 mm, square bolt: 8 mm

Operation and use:

  • For apartment doors
  • Grip plate outside, handle inside
  • Suitable for door thicknesses of 37 - 47 mm
  • Mounting material for deviating door thicknesses can be supplied


  • Finishes: F1 (alu anodized), F2 (silver anodized), F3 (anodized brass), F4 (anodized bronze), F9 (stainless steel look)
  • Alternatively available as a handle/handle set
Door fitting KLS114 F4 
Art. no. 08296

Level: 5
Packaging: individual box
Door fitting KLS114 F3 
Art. no. 08298

Level: 5
Packaging: individual box
Door fitting KLS114 F2 
Art. no. 08300

Level: 5
Packaging: individual box
Door fitting KLS114 F9 
Art. no. 31704

Level: 5
Packaging: individual box
Door fitting KLS114 rund ER 
Art. no. 04095

Level: 5
Packaging: individual box
Door fitting KLS114 F1 
Art. no. 21032

Level: 5
Packaging: individual box


Door fittings

Any door that is not professionally secured can be immediately identified by burglars as an easy target: The cylinder protrudes a long way and often the fittings can simply be unscrewed. This makes breaking in easy, and not just for professionals. An ABUS security door fitting protects both mortise locks and door cylinders against being broken or pulled off. Look for the DIN, TÜV and VdS seals of approval. They are proof of maximum security. ...
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