Door Fitting KKT512 FS

  • For fire doors
  • Suitable for rebated and flush doors, left and right opening
  • Grip plate outside, handle inside

Door Fitting KKT512 FS


  • Certified according to DIN, TÜV tested, VdS approved, supervised by the MPA NRW (German institute for testing of materials)
  • Short cover plate
  • Steel core in handle
  • Maximum resistance due to the layer construction: several bottom plates, with a total of 13.5 mm thickness, for maximum protection
  • High impact resistance: extra long steel cams, complete with tempered special screws (3 x M6)
  • An additional steel inset provides extra strong leverage/tear-off resistance
  • Spacing: 72 mm, square bolt: 9 mm


  • Finish: F1 (alu anodized)
  • Alternatively available as a handle/handle set


Electrical door openers

Electric door openers from ABUS unlock the door at the press of a button without it being necessary to open the door in person. Preferably a door opener comes at front doors of apartment buildings, commercial properties or at business to use. The ABUS range covers a variety of door openers. All ABUS door openers can be used universally for DIN left and right-opening doors.  ...
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