Mortice lock TKZ30 L ER (Art. no. 20840)

The mortice lock for your flat entrance doors locks reliably and is particularly durable due to the use of high-quality materials. The electrolytic galvanisation protects it against rust.

Mortice lock TKZ30 L ER (Art. no. 20840)


For a safe feeling in your home: The robust mortice lock locks reliably.

Flat entrance doors with corridor fittings and a distance measurement of 72 mm can be reliably locked with the mortice lock. The chip protection ensures that your door is not damaged during assembly. The lock is made of high-quality materials and is suitable for door cylinders according to DIN EN1303. The lock receives extra corrosion protection through the use of electrolytic galvanisation.


  • Mortice lock conforming to DIN 18251 class 3
  • Suitable for EURO-cylinders
  • Metal latch and bolt
  • Extra corrosion protection by electrolytic galvanizing
  • Extra corrosion protection by electrolytic galvanizing
  • Integrated chip protection
  • Integrated distance bolts to stabilize the lock body

Operation and use:

  • For internal doors/apartment doors
  • When closing the door only the latch is being operated 
  • By locking the door cylinder the bolt is activated


  • Finishes: polished brass, stainless steel, white
Technical drawing
Art. no.: 20840
Level: 8
Backset: 55 mm
Distance measure: 72 mm
Weight: 620 g
color: stainless steel
Mortice lock TKZ30 L ER
Art. no. 20840

Level: 8
Weight: 620 g


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