B810 Permit Redbox™ (Art. no. 88882)

The B810 Permit Redbox™ allows you to integrate your permit-to-work as well as storing machine and system locks. For more safety and transparency in maintenance work.
  • 2 in 1: For the perfect integration of permit-to-work systems into existing group lockout procedures
  • Efficient combination of precise machinery lockout procedures with necessary locking of permit-to-work notes in a large, lockable front pane
  • Enhanced security and transparency for all invovled front line workers

B810 Permit Redbox™ (Art. no. 88882)


Standard procedures for safely switching off systems within businesses often involve permit-to-work documentation.

The B810 Permit Redbox™ allows you to integrate these documents as well as storing machine and system locks. It combines precision systems protection with the necessary protection for your permit in a large, lockable display window. For more safety and transparency in maintenance work.


  • Stable box made of powder-coated metal sheet
  • Large, lockable front pane to display the dedicated work permit notes (A4 format)
  • With 20 insertion holes for personal LOTO locks plus additional 3 for authorized persons
  • Large storage space with hook rails to store up to 24 machine padlocks
  • With carrying handle for mobile use
  • With enclosed wall-bracket for stationary use of the box
  • Inside with quick-release-button to optionally fix the box on the wall-bracket
  • All around with punched holes for better light incidence and insight
  • Side with insertion slot for keys with key tag

Operation and use:

  • To coordinate group lockout procedures in combination with permit-to-work systems
  • Integration of work permits to better inform the persons involved
  • Increased security by locking the work permit note until the end of all work
  • Flexible use as mobile box or fixed at the enclosed wall-bracket
  • Also ideal for storing machine locks directly at the machine
Art. no.: 88882
Depth: 68 mm
Length: 380 cm
Mounting Points: 23
Shackle Diameter: 7 mm
Wall Bracket: 174 x 40 x 10
Weight: 3423 g
Width: 240 mm
colour: rot

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