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As pioneers in security technology, we have been working for decades with conviction to make the world a little safer. At ABUS, your needs have always been in the foreground, and we align our products accordingly. That's why ABUS provides you with all electronic security solutions from a single source. Because 360° protection can only be guaranteed if all trades are seamlessly integrated. For questions regarding installation and project planning, we offer you a direct and personal contact for your concerns.


Different groups of people need access to roller doors
Electronic access control for your commercial property
Even access to the grounds is regulated by means of access control and video surveillance.
Digitale Schließtechnik für Gewerbeobjekte

Access control

Digital locking technology for commercial properties

Not everyone should have access to every room at every time. Buildings can be easily organized with electronic access control. Doors are unlocked for new employees, and rights are revoked from employees who have left. And even a lost key is no longer associated with high costs. The transponder is deleted, and thus all doors remain closed.

Facility-wide access management
Hybride Schliessanlagen

Locking systems with wireless capability

The advantage of wireless technology is obvious. Permissions can be assigned and changed conveniently from the PC without having to walk through the individual doors. Doors can also be opened on the move via the app.


Hybrid locking systems

Electronic locking technology can optionally be combined with mechanical locking systems. Buildings can thus be equipped in a targeted manner according to requirements and budget – and this can be operated with just one key.

Lock your electronic access system conveniently with a chip key
You can stay informed about all events via the app
The alternative operating option

A well-planned locking system consists of many individual products that mesh perfectly. ABUS offers solutions for the most diverse requirements for your building. Whether entrance door, barrier, rolling gate, server room or even different locations - the combination of different products allows an individual installation. Even more security and convenience is offered by adding a burglar alarm system or a video surveillance system. Alarm systems can be conveniently armed and disarmed via the cylinder on the door, and in the event of an alarm, the surveillance camera secures evidence images.

wAppLoxx Pro Plus Wall Reader
Sicherheit nach Plan

Alarm systems
Safety according to plan

Certified safety according to European standard

High values or important documents in companies or public institutions must in some cases be protected with a certified alarm system according to EN Grade 2. This is also often required by insurance companies. A classic burglar alarm system protects your building against burglary, fire and water damage. In retail, employees can also trigger a silent alarm via an emergency button. Enhanced with mechatronic products, a burglary is not only reported when the perpetrator is already in the building. The combination of mechanics and electronics provides a ton of pressure resistance to the burglar. The alarm is triggered as soon as the burglar attempts to break in.


Wire alarm systems 

Wire-bound components are characterised above all by the fact that they are particularly low-maintenance. They do not need batteries and are automatically supplied via the power line. In addition, they are practically invisible because, for example, opening detectors can be mounted directly in the window rebate. However, the installation of wired components is recommended almost exclusively in new buildings, as here cables have to be laid in the wall at great expense.

Wireless alarm systems 

Equipping an existing building with an intrusion alarm system is possible with wireless components. Without complex installation, the products can be installed wirelessly in your building and thus provide security. A combination of wired products and wireless components in one system is also possible.


Flexible mounting in the entrance area
Operate your electronic key system on the move
High flexibility in access control for medium to large commercial properties with wAppLoxx Pro Plus

Security requirements are as individual as your building. From the protection of windows and doors, to the monitoring of valuables or room surveillance with motion detectors, a lot is possible here. In addition, a professional video surveillance and an electronic access control offers the plus of security and convenience. ABUS will be happy to advise you exactly for your needs to find an optimal solution for your building.

Manage access rights in the digital locking plan


Intelligent. Effizient. Automatisch sicher - Überwachungskameras von ABUS

Surveillance cameras
Intelligent. Efficient. Automatically safe.

Color images even at night

Always have everything in view and know what is happening. And not just as evidence in the event of an incident. Today, video surveillance systems can do more: cameras can distinguish between people and vehicles, recognize license plates independently, and also provide color images even in absolute darkness.

Network cameras
Analogue HD cameras


Network cameras

Modern IP cameras are equipped with many smart functions, not only in the camera itself, but also in the software, such as intelligent event search. This saves time and worry in the event of an alarm.


Analogue HD cameras

An existing video surveillance system can easily be modernised. Existing cabling can continue to be used, only the cameras can be replaced.

Take a look at the live image via the app
Discreet but secure - the ABUS dome camera
Manage the live images from your cameras via the appropriate software

A broad camera portfolio offers an optimal solution for many applications. For an individual surveillance concept tailored exactly to your building, we will be happy to advise you. Whether indoors, outdoors, in dark unseen corners or for opening a barrier with license plate recognition, ABUS offers the right product for many requirements. Integrated into an alarm system, evidence images can be secured in the event of an incident, or in combination with electronic access control, you can see who is standing in front of the door, for example, and can open remotely without hesitation.

The camera detects people and vehicles

Passion for security
We are ABUS

All systems from a single source

The whole world of electronic security technology: video surveillance, door intercom systems and intrusion detection systems as well as electronic locking systems in a networked security solution. The systems are easy to integrate and operate, e.g. cameras for access verification or electronic cylinders for disarming the alarm system. Optional: expansion to include mechanical locking systems.


All systems from a single source

Your partner for safety

If you have any questions about products, project planning or individual requirements, we will be happy to advise you. For this purpose, the ABUS team with service technicians is at your side with advice and support. A dense dealer network throughout Germany ensures professional installation. The installers work closely with us and have been trained in the ABUS Academy.



The ABUS headquarters in Wetter
ABUS Security Center - Affing location
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Your contact persons at ABUS Security Center.
Wir unterstützen Sie gerne bei der Planung Ihrer Projekte.

On-site advice on your buildings

You are interested in building security from ABUS. Our nationwide field service team consisting of project consultants and technical service will advise you on all questions regarding possible solutions. We will create an individual security concept for you and accompany you through to implementation.


Please contact us at any time without obligation!

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Support with planning and project planning

Right at the start of a building project, you can rely on the support of our planning department. We create planning concepts for you that conform to guidelines, taking into account the current certifications according to DIN EN and insurance requirements. In doing so, we support you in the definition of performance characteristics, CAD layout plans/cable schemes and the creation of bills of quantities.

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