Circular cylinder Ø 25 mm 356-25/456-25

  • for interior and exterior use
  • together with additional door locks

Circular cylinder Ø 25 mm 356-25/456-25


  • cylinders: nickel-plated brass (finish NI)
  • keys: nickel silver (except stock profile - nickel-plated brass)
  • standard drill protection
  • fitting diameter: 25 mm
  • with rosette Ø 40 mm (finish NI)


  • available in the systems Standard, X14, Z14, XZ14, V14, XV14, Y14, XY14, Y14 Deltus, XY14 Deltus, W14, XW14, Wavy Line and Integral (further systems on demand)
  • 5 pin tumblers: standard length A = 21 mm
  • 6 pin tumblers: standard length A = 24,8 mm
  • salt-water resistance (finish CR, special pinning)
  • finishes: CR, MS, AUPO, BROA, AUMA (see Infobar - Special features for cylinders - "Cylinder finishes")


Rim cylinders

Our rim cylinders can be used in inner and outdoor areas together with respective additional door locks. We manufacture according to DIN EN 1303, DIN 18252 and are ISO 9001:2008 certified. Here you can find more information on our rim cylinders in different diameters as well as on our rim cylinder sets. ...
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