Half cylinder with 8-fold adjustable cam 352/452

  • for interior and exterior use
  • to be used together with respective DIN door locks
  • as locking insert for the ABUS padlock 86/55 (item 352-3110 or 452-3010), an assembly within the factory is not necessary

Half cylinder with 8-fold adjustable cam 352/452


  • cylinders: nickel-plated brass (finish NI)
  • keys: nickel silver (except stock profile - nickel-plated brass)
  • standard drill protection


  • available in the systems Standard, X14, K14, Z14, XZ14, V14, XV14, KV14, Y14, XY14, Y14 Deltus, XY14 Deltus, KY14 Deltus, W14, XW14, KW14, Wavy Line, Wavy Line pro and Integral
  • 5 pin tumblers: standard length (C) 36,3 mm
  • 6 pin tumblers: standard length (C) 40,3 mm
  • supplied with cam in 7 o'clock position and the user can put it in any position in steps of 45° (8-position adjustability)
  • also available with limited free-wheel cam: cam with free-wheel function of 90°, 180°, 240° or 270°, clockwise definition of the locking movement angle
  • salt-water resistance (finish CR, special pinning)
  • finishes: CR, MS, AUPO, BROA, AUMA (see Infobar - Special features for cylinders - "Cylinder finishes")


Locking inserts for padlocks

The various locking inserts are compatible with ABUS padlocks. They are used in inner and outdoor areas, e.g. for summer houses, outside gates and steel doors. ABUS padlocks are available in many versions and can also resist difficult conditions (e.g. corrosion resistance). We manufacture according to DIN EN 1303, DIN 18252 and are ISO 9001:2008 certified. Here you can find more detailed information on locking ...
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