Exterior Scandinavian Cylinder 357-2/457-2

  • for interior and exterior use
  • especially in Scandinavia, Europe
  • together with respective rim locks

Exterior Scandinavian Cylinder 357-2/457-2


  • cylinders: nickel-plated brass (finish NI)
  • keys: nickel silver (except stock profile - nickel-plated brass)
  • standard drill protection
  • Locking insert for padlock ROCK 60 / Rock 80:an assembling into the padlock at works is necessary (sending in of the padlock recommended)


  • available in the systems Standard, X14, Z14, XZ14, V14, XV14, Y14, XY14, Y14 Deltus, XY14 Deltus, W14, XW14, Wavy Line and Integral
  • 5 pin tumblers: standard length 30,9 mm (each interior and exterior)
  • 6 pin tumblers: standard length 30,9 mm (each interior and exterior)
  • also available with tail piece 60 mm
  • housing also available with 10 mm or 15 mm extensions
  • salt-water resistance (finish CR, special pinning)
  • finishes: CR, MS, AUPO, BROA, AUMA (see Infobar - Special features for cylinders - "Cylinder finishes")


Scandinavian cylinders

The Scandinavian cylinders of our special range are especially used in northern Europe. We manufacture according to DIN EN 1303, DIN 18252 and are ISO 9001:2008 certified. Here you can get more information on the Scandinavian cylinders as interior, exterior or knob version. ...
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