Padlock aluminium 72/40 color B/SB Key

72/40 black

Engravable, professional aluminium padlock in different colours - lightweight and handy

All variants for 72/40
Colours for 72/40

For industry and trade: With its solid lock body made of Titalium – a special aluminium – it is extremely heat-resistant.

The ten colours available allow assignment and differentiation by area or user. This makes this lock ideally suited for use in workplace security, for example, for locking main switches. Series 72 and 74 locks can be combined with each other in a locking system.
With these colourful aluminium padlocks, ABUS ensures security in industry and trade.
Can be secured:
  • Doors
  • Gates
  • Cupboards
  • Lockers
  • Toolboxes
  • Basement
  • Shed
  • Switchgear and much more
On request, they are available keyed alike: The key code number on the key can be used to have other keys produced easily.


  • Lock body made from TITALIUM™ special aluminium – high security with low weight
  • Hardened steel shackle with NANO PROTECT™ plating for extreme corrosion resistance
  • ABUS precision 6-pin cylinder, can be rekeyed to match an existing key
  • Double-bolted
  • Self-locking: locking without key by pushing down the shackle
  • Coloured aluminium lock body - corrosion-resistant
  • IB: shackle made from stainless steel
  • Incl. two keys

Operation and use

  • To secure valuables/goods of greater value or at a high risk of theft
  • To secure doors, gates, cupboards, lockers, tool boxes, cellar windows, sheds, switchboards, barriers, etc.


  • Colours: blue, yellow, green, purple, orange, red, black
  • Long shackle (HB): 40HB40, 40HB75
  • Stainless steel shackle (IB): 40, 40HB40, 40HB75
  • Available keyed alike
  • Integration into key systems possible



We have summarised for you which disposal information is important in your country.

Disposal & labelling of packaging
Locking type: key
colour: black
Width a: 39 mm
Vertical clearance c: 26,5 mm
Depth e: 19 mm
Weight: 121 g
Security Level Home Security: 6
Design: Technical drawing
Technical drawing
Security card: No
color of facets: black
Horizontal clearance b: 19,5 mm
Shackle diameter d: 6,5 mm
Height f: 74 mm
Keyed alike: No
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