GRANIT™ Padlock GRANIT™ 37/60

GRANIT™ padlock with ABUS-Plus disk cylinder, made in Germany - highest protection against manipulation
  • Lock body and shackle made of special hardened steel
  • Double ball locking mechanism for extreme pulling resistance
  • Available with security card for protection against unauthorized key duplication

GRANIT™ Padlock GRANIT™ 37/60

Granit padlock ABUS 37/60 – the padlock for highest security requirements. The 37/60 Granit is best used to secure halls, doors, gates, containers, trucks etc. Due to the Black Granit anti-corrosion coating, the lock is well suited for outdoor applications. The ABUS-Plus disc cylinder makes the lock very hard to pick. The 37/60 is manufactured in accordance with high European standards and reaches a CEN Class 4 certification. The Granit series is completely made in Germany. For comfortable use in the darkness, one of the two included keys is equipped with an LED light. Granit locks are available either with a code card for easy key reproduction or with a security card for full control over the amount of spare keys in circulation.


  • ABUS-Plus disc cylinder: highest protection against manipulation
  • Body and shackle made from hardened alloy steel
  • Black Granit coating for even more corrosion resistance
  • SZP: comes with security card to protect against unauthorized key duplicates
  • 2 keys, 1 with LED light
  • Shackle guard protects against attacks with tools
  • Cylinder inserted from the top: optimum drill and pull resistance
  • Shackle can be taken out

Operation and use:

  • To secure valuables/goods of great value or at a very high risk of theft
  • Meets special requirements of insurance companies
  • Certified and approved padlock
  • To secure e.g. warehouses, industrial sites, factory gates, containers and lorries
  • Ideal in combination with ABUS high-security hasp No. 130


  • Size: 60 mm
  • 37/60, 37RK/60, 37/60 SZP
GRANIT™ Padlock 37/60 B/DFNLI 
Art. no. 35062

Level: 10
Packaging: blister packaging
Weight: 752 g
Width a: 65 mm
GRANIT™ Padlock 37/60 B/DFNLI #SZP Profil 
Art. no. 79150

Level: 10
Packaging: blister packaging
Weight: 752 g
Width a: 65 mm
GRANIT™ Padlock 37/60 ka. #SZP Profil 
Art. no. 79152

Level: 10
Packaging: individual box
Weight: 752 g
Width a: 65 mm



Our ABUS Granit padlocks have been developed using specifications laid down by Swedish insurance companies, which are known for their extremely high standards. In the case of the European CEN standards, which are also incredibly demanding, Granit locks are regularly classified at the highest levels. ...
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