ABUS IP devices accessible worldwide via ABUS server – free DDNS service & more

With the ABUS server, you can set up a straightforward, convenient connection allowing you to access your ABUS IP products online from anywhere in the world and at any time.


Your benefits:

  • free to use for ABUS end customers and installers
  • for installers: manage any quantity of IP devices with minimal time and money spent (several premises, various projects)
  • for end customers/users: ease of use and reliable access to all IP devices
  • creation of individual host names for every registered device
  • automatic transmission and storage of device network ports and IP addresses on the ABUS server
  • automatic port verification by the ABUS server for checking manually set up port forwarding on the router
  • email notification for inactive devices (after 24 hours).


Supported ABUS devices and software:

  • IP cameras
  • video recorders (DVR), network recorders (NVR)
  • IP-compatible alarm panels
  • recording software (VMS, Eyseo).


Basic functions:

  • access to  www.abus-server.com
  • free DDNS service (permanent domain address for access to several ABUS IP devices)
  • port checker for checking manual port forwarding
  • email notification if a device is offline for longer than 24 hours.


This is how it's done – you will find installation support here:

Use these step-by-step instructions to set up your account on the ABUS server and configure remote access to IP cameras, recorders, alarm systems, apps etc.:

Instruction manual: Setup ABUS server for IP cameras and recorders 

Instruction manual: Setup IP Manual for IP zone configuration/ Integration Secvest wireless alarm system

Further information:

Problem: Why do you need a DDNS service?

If you are a private Internet user connected to the internet via a router/DSL modem, you are typically given an dynamic IP address when your connection is set up. You need this public IP address as a kind of "house number" in order to access your network and the IP devices registered there from outside (e.g. cameras, recorders). However, your internet provider cuts the connection to your router/modem automatically approx. every 24 hours, and then assigns a new IP address – or a new "house number" – to your private network. The devices connected to your router/DSL modem (cameras, recorders etc.) are then no longer accessible from outside. In order to avoid having to find out your network's current IP address and change all the devices in the web interface (operating menu) every day, it is recommended you use the DDNS server (DDNS = Dynamic Domain Name System).

The solution: ABUS server, with free DDNS

The ABUS server provides you with a free DDNS service. This gives you a fixed domain name as a pseudonym for your network's public IP address which changes regularly. In this way, all IP devices (cameras, recorders etc.) in your private network can be accessed via the same easy-to-remember domain name at any time – and can be managed simply and clearly from one access point via  www.abus-server.com. To do this, the server stores the current respective internet address of your IP devices and establishes a connection to the domain name. In this way, the ABUS server acts as a user-friendly cloud platform, making the management of your IP devices much easier, whether you are the user or a specialist installation contractor. In all cases, setting up a port release is a requirement for operation (see documentation). 

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