Mobile video surveillance using iPhone and Android smartphones

Worldwide mobile access to video surveillance recorders and IP cameras using your smartphone, iPhone, iPad and iPod – the ABUS apps make this possible. Control your surveillance cameras from your mobile end device, watch the images from your network cameras as a live stream on your phone, and manage the recordings on your digital video recorder using video management software.

ABUS is constantly developing new apps for Apple and Android operating systems. Choose the appropriate app for your mobile companion:

VMS Mobile app for Android

The highlight of the free VMS Mobile app is direct mobile access to video management software installed on an ABUS HDVR hybrid digital video recorder or an ABUS NVR network video recorder. Regardless of the version of your video management software (basic, professional or enterprise), you can access PC systems using ABUS PCI video surveillance cards or ABUS IP cameras.

VMS Mobile includes a search function which allows you to find and play the recorded videos according to the date or a list of recordings. Convenient control of PTZ functions is possible in the live images from up to four cameras. This allows you to use the most important functions of your video recorder system where ever you are in the world.

The Android app VMS Mobile is available free of charge and is suitable for smartphones with Android operating system from version 1.6.

The VMS app can be downloaded from Google Play

iDVR app

The iDVR app allows images from cameras connected to an ABUS hybrid or network recorder to be displayed live. You can display up to four cameras from different recorders in the live view and store the connection data for up to 16 recorders. Convenient access to several different recorders when out and about allows you to watch all videos live. As usual, the user comforts the iPhone provides are incorporated: simply turn the phone on its side to switch to a full screen video display. You can also save images from the live stream and send them from the iPhone picture folder by MMS or e-mail.

A special highlight is being able to control PTZ cameras just by moving your fingers across the screen: Zoom into your surveillance images when out and about, and customize the section of the image you wish to see.

The iDVR app is available from the iTunes Store

iDVR app

iCombo app

Using the iCombo app, you can import both the live view from up to four analog cameras as well as watch videos stored on a network digital recorder. The app allows you to save several connections to different recorders. This allows flexible access to the recorder when out and about, and both saved video data as well as live images can be accessed. Images can be saved to the picture folders on the iPhone or iPad directly from the live view, and then be sent by MMS or e-mail. A particularly convenient extra function is the flexible control of PTZ cameras using the directional pad – it makes it easy to zoom in and out using the touch screen.

The iCombo app is available from the iTunes Store

iCombo app

IPCam Viewer app

Convenient access to ABUS IP cameras when out and about allows you to watch all videos live. The IPCam Viewer app allows images from up to four network cameras to be displayed at the same time, and up to 16 cameras can be saved. Of course, all the user comforts provided by iPhones and friends are incorporated, such as displaying videos and photos as landscapes: simply turn the iPhone on its side and switch to full-screen view. Saving images directly from the live stream is possible, with the images being stored in picture folders which can then easily be sent by MMS or e-mail. A special highlight is being able to control pan/tilt/zoom cameras using the control buttons which appear in the live image.

The IPCam Viewer app and the free IPCam Viewer Lite app test version are available from the iTunes Store

IPCam Viewer app

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