ABUS HD-SDI: top-quality, live analog images

The trend to HDTV is in full swing. The share of sales enjoyed by new HD capable television devices has in the meantime exceeded 90%. From service station attendants to businessmen or home owners – video images in HD quality are becoming standard. It is therefore no wonder that high-resolution systems are also in increasing demand in the professional video surveillance sector.


ABUS HD-SDI: top-quality, live analog images


What does HD-SDI mean for you?

The abbreviation HD-SDI stands for “high definition serial digital interface”, which is uncompressed transmission and display of digital HD signals via a serial (analog) interface. Using this technology, developed by professional studios (for recording HDTV programs), analog surveillance videos can now also be transmitted and displayed in high resolution and in real time.

The most important benefits at a glance:

  • High resolution: Surveillance images in full HD quality (1920 x 1080p)
  • Live images in real time
  • Ready for fast setting-up thanks to plug-and-play installation
  • Small systems can be operated without a recorder: for live surveillance the camera image can be transmitted with the help of HD-SDI converters on HDMI-capable monitors or television sets.

HD-SDI products from ABUS

  • HD-SDI cameras offer high resolution video surveillance in HD
  • HD-SDI recorders enable recording and playback of image data in real time and at full resolution

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