Zoom in from the big picture and find the details

The optical zoom in the cameras can be controlled manually using RS-485 bus cabling, via software, a recorder or a control panel. This allows you to “zoom in” from a complete overview of the entire premises to important details, also using preset positions. These cameras allow you to obtain astounding results.

Example of optical zoom

Maximum zoom factor

In the example above, you can see what a zoom factor of 325 means in practice: From an overview of the shrubs you can zoom in close to individual flowers. The zoom factor is defined as the ratio between the longest and the shortest focal length of a zoom lens.

A lens with a zoom factor of 10 can, for example, cover a focal length ranging from 5 mm to 50 mm.


                               The longest focal length of the lens

Zoom factor  =  ---------------------------------

                               The shortest focal length of the lens

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