16-channel Network video recorder (NVR) (Art. no. NVR10030)

  • Quick recording: stream videos with a data throughput of up to 416 Mbit/s (160 Mbit/s in / 256 Mbit/s out)
  • Flexible application: integrate up to 16 cameras
  • Permanent recording: save data to up to four hard disk drives
  • Details are clearly displayed: resolutions of up to 3840 x 2160 px (4K ready) supported by HDMI output
  • Clever performance: intelligent recording and triggering of alarms thanks to perfect interaction of recorder and cameras with VCA functions
  • Easy to operate: can be controlled via local monitor, integrated web server, app or ABUS CMS software

16-channel Network video recorder (NVR) (Art. no. NVR10030)

We expressly recommend having this product installed by a certified specialist.

Quick. Flexible. Permanent.
This ABUS network video recorder (NVR) records video streams from 16 cameras with a total of up to 160Mbit/s. It supports four internal hard disk drives and resolutions of up to 3840 x 2160px (4K ready via HDMI output). Like all ABUS IP video recorders, the NVR10030 can be integrated into new and existing projects in a flexible and scalable way.

Simple and clever.
Cameras can be set up in the recorder in no time at all thanks to the intuitive installation assistant. This is complemented by the perfect interaction between this NVR and, for instance, the ABUS IP cameras in the Advanced line, which include intelligent alarm functions (video content analysis or VCA for short). The recorder itself also offers various alarm options. It can send images by email, control Central Monitoring Station software (CMS) with messages, or operate sirens and lights.

Anywhere and at any time.
This NVR makes it very easy to react to a range of scenarios. This is because the recorder is extremely easy to control, regardless of when and how it is being used, and can be controlled via a local monitor or from anywhere in the world via remote access using the app, ABUS CMS software or an internet browser.

Good value.
Integrated embedded technology means that the NVR is virtually maintenance-free, which saves maintenance costs and expenses, and investments in software licences.

Art. no.: NVR10030
Compliant with loi Sarkozy (FR only):
Total network throughput (input/output): 416 MBit/s (160 MBits/256 MBits)
ONVIF: Profile S
HD-TVI video channels: 0
Power consumption incl. hard drive: 80 W
Resolution VGA output: 1920x1080p/60Hz, 1280x1024/60Hz, 1280x720/60Hz, 1024x768/60Hz
Resolution HDMI output: 4K(3840x2160)/60Hz, 4K(3840x2160)/30Hz, 1920x1080/60Hz, 1600x1200/60Hz, 1280x1024/60 Hz, 1024x768/60 Hz
Recording duration at 6MPx @ 8Mbit/s: 18 hours/TB
Recording duration at 1080p @ 2Mbit/s: 74 hours/TB
Decoder power consumption (Live and Playback): 4 x 6 MPx / 8 x 3MPx / 16 x 1080p / 32 x 720p
Dimensions: 450 x 95 x 440 mm
Alarm inputs (NO/NC): 16
Alarming: Acoustic warning signal, on screen display signal, email, CMS, Alarm output
Views: 1 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 9 / 16
Number of users: 31
Audio: Line in: 1 x cinch (2.0 V s-s, 1000 Ω) – only for network transmission, Audio Out: 2 x cinch (600 Ω)
Recording resolution @ frame rate per camera: 12 MPx, 8 MPx, 6 MPx, 5 MPx, 4 MPx, 3 MPx, 2 MPx, 1080p, 720p, VGA @ 25 fps
Recording modes: Manual, time schedule, motion detection, alarm input, VCA
User levels: 3
Operating mode: Triplex
Width: 450 mm
Storage: 2 x USB 2.0, 1 x USB 3.0
Total frame rate (PAL): 400 fps
Simultaneous network access: 128 camera connections
Height: 95 mm
Length: 440 mm
Power consumption: 20 W
Max. operating temperature: 55 °C
Max. humidity: 90 %
Min. operating temperature: -10 °C
Mobile access: iDVR Plus / iDVR Plus HD (Apple iOS & Android)
Monitor outputs: 1 x VGA, 1 x HDMI
Multi-monitor function:
Net weight: 1 kg
Network access: 2 x RJ45 10/100 /1000 Mbps
Network functions: Live view, playback, data export, settings
Network cameras: ABUS network cameras, 3rd party (abus.com), RTSP
PTZ control: Over the network, RS-485 interface, control panel interface
Relay output: 4 (Max. load: 12 V DC/1 A)
Software: ABUS CMS software, integrated web server
AC voltage supply: 100 – 240 V
Storage medium: 4 x S-ATA HDD (up to 6 TB per HDD)
OSD language: English, German, French, Dutch, Danish
Control: USB mouse
Search modes: Event, date and time, Smart Search, VCA
Analog video channels: 0
Total video channels: 16
HD-SDI video channels: 0
IP video channels: 16
Video compression: MPEG-4, H.264, H.265
Certifications: CE, RoHS, Reach

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Embedded NVR
  • 1x USB wireless mouse
  • 4x S-ATA cable
  • 1x Recorder software (on CD)
  • 1x Quickstart manual
  • 1x Installation materials


  • Installation Software

    • ABUS CMS v2.02.22 Version: V2.02.22Release date: 08.11.2013Filename: ABUS CMS Software (ABUS CMS Software V2.02.22_11-2013.zip)Changes:1. Compatible with the recorder TVVR45030, TVVR41200, TVVR41210, TVVR41220, TVHD80100 and TVHD801102. Playback improved
    • ABUS IP Installer v9.0.10 Changes:1. Activation function for ABUS IP devices with a modified user conceptAdded (initial password assignment)2. Initial password assignment for multiple devices at the same time possible3. Added new columns in the search results table (status,username, password, firmware, firmware update)4. Display the available firmware version on www.abus.com5. Firmware update of several IP devices at the same time possible6. Thumbnail can be resized7. Access data for an IP device only must be typed once8. Maximize and minimize the IP installer
    • ABUS CMS v2.3.1.50 Version: v2.3.1.50Release Date: 18.11.2015File name: ABUS CMS.exe (TVSW11001_ABUS_CMS_v2.3.1.50_11-2015)Changes:1. Initial release for complete new CMS Software
    • MAC OSX Plug-Ins MAC-OSX Plugin Collection:All Plugins can be installed at the same time.Version: v1.4Release Date: 23.06.2017Filename: ABUS_Web_Plugin_V1.4.pkgChanges:• Solved issue with low frame rate in live view page• Replaces Web-Video-Plugin 1.0 and 1.1Compatible to:• HDCC90000, HDCC90010, HDCC90020• TVVR30004, TVVR36000• TVVR33004, TVVR33008• TVVR36000, TVVR36500• TVVR41200, TVRR41210, TVVR41220• TVHD80000, TVHD80010, TVHD80100, TVHD80110, TVHD80120• TVIP52502, TVIP72000, TVIP81000, TVIP81100, TVIP82000, TVIP82100• TVIP11560, TVIP21560, TVIP41500, TVIP41560, TVIP41660, TVIP61500, TVIP61550, TVIP61560, TVIP82900, TVIP83900, TVIP86900• IPCS10020Version: v1.3Release Date: 11.08.2016Filename: Abus_IPC_Web_Plugin_V1.3.pkgCompatible to:• IPCB42500, IPCB42550, IPCB71500, IPCB72500• IPCB42501, IPCB42551, IPCB72501• IPCA33500, IPCA53000, IPCA62520, IPCA63500, IPCA66500, IPCA72520, IPCA73500, IPCA76500• IPCS85250Version: 1.2Release Date: 14.07.2016Filename: ABUS_Recorder_Web_Plugin 1.2.pkgCompatible to:• TVVR35002, TVVR35011, TVVR45021, TVVR45030, TVVR60011, TVVR60021 (3.3.4 Firmware)• NVR10010, NVR10020, NVR10030, NVR10040Version: v1.1Release Date: 06.01.2015Filename: ABUS_Web_Plugin_V1.1.pkgCompatible to:• TVVR35002, TVVR35011, TVVR45021, TVVR45030, TVVR60011, TVVR60021 (3.0.8 Firmware)• HDCC90000, HDCC90010, HDCC90020• TVVR33004, TVVR33008• TVVR41200, TVRR41210, TVVR41220• TVHD80000, TVHD80010, TVHD80100, TVHD80110, TVHD80120• TVIP52502, TVIP72000, TVIP81000, TVIP81100, TVIP82000, TVIP82100• TVIP11560, TVIP21560, TVIP41500, TVIP41560, TVIP41660, TVIP61500, TVIP61550, TVIP61560, TVIP82900• IPCS10020Version: v1.0Release Date: 03.11.2014Filename: ABUS_Retail_Web_Plugin_V1.0.pkgCompatible to:• TVVR30004, TVVR36000
  • Firmware

    • Firmware NVR100x0 V3.4.7 Version: V3.4.7 Build170419Release Date: 21.04.2017File name: NVR100x0_V3.4.7.cap (Firmware_NVR100x0_V3.4.7_04-2017.zip)1. Initial Firmware for all NVR100x0 recorders2. New security concept integrated (activating device by secure password)3. Support for new camera models added: IPCB42501,IPCB42551,IPCB72501,IPCS82500,IPCA22500,IPCA32500,IPCA52000,IPCA62500,IPCA62505,IPCA725004. Performance improvementsNote:The installed stock fimrware on NVR is V3.4.6 Build161207 which must be updated to this latest version V3.4.7 Build170419, because of new security concept.Plese install the latest firmware in order to be compliant to firmware updates in the future and also to support latest camera models. The new security coneceptrequires to enter a secure password for activating the devices, which is only possible when using the latest firmware (V3.4.7 Build170419).
  • Helper Software

Required accessories:

3 TB 3,5" SATA HDD

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