Double window locks 2420

Safe Centre: Protect your double-leaf windows made of aluminium, wood or plastic with this additional security lock on the middle bar without drilling.
  • For double casement windows with middle bar made from aluminium, wood and PVC
  • Lock using the hook-bolt lock, open with a key
  • Slim design, ideal for tight installation spaces

Double window locks 2420


Additional security lock for double casement windows made of aluminium, wood or plastic with middle bar.

Whether they are made of aluminium, wood or plastic, your double-hung windows should always be secured against break-ins. This additional security lock does the job reliably. Also for narrow assembly conditions. The solid turning bolt of the additional security lock locks automatically, a key is only needed to open it. The security device is mounted directly on the frame, so there is no need to drill into the window wings.


  • Fitting on the frame only between the windows
  • Strong hook-bolt lock
  • Incl. two keys
  • Easy to use

Operation and use:

  • For inward opening double casement windows and patio doors with middle bar
  • Lock with the hook-bolt lock, open with a key
  • Can be supplied keyed alike with a variety of other ABUS products
  • Suitable for all surface materials, such as wood, PVC and aluminium
Double window locks 2420 B vs. EK 
Art. no. 89640

Level: 7
Packaging: individual box
Weight: 511 g
Double window locks 2420 W vs. EK 
Art. no. 89648

Level: 7
Packaging: individual box
Weight: 462 g


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