Hinge-side lock FAS97

Automatically locking: Protect your windows from burglars with this security hinge lock. When closing the window, the safety locks automatically and withstands a pressure of one ton.
  • For securing the hinge side
  • Slim design, suitable even for restrictive installation spaces
  • Easy operation via simple latching and unlatching, no key required

Hinge-side lock FAS97


Additional window security lock for securing the hinge side with automatic locking.

Your window hinges can be a weak point that criminals could exploit to break into your home. Put a stop to them with this fuse. When the fuse is closed, it is locked automatically, so there is no need to close the additional security lock manually. When the window is opened, the fuse resonates. Only when tilting does a bracket have to be operated. The security hinge lock can withstand a pressure of one tonne. The screw connection is concealed after assembly.


  • VdS approved, DIN tested
  • Resists more than one ton load
  • Convenient handling for tilt/turn handles: unlock by tilting without keys, locks automatically when closing the window
  • Covered screws
  • Ideal in combination with additional window handle locks

Operation and use:

  • Suitable for inward opening turn and tilt windows at the hinge side
  • Operation only required before tilting the window, via the frame strip
  • Locks automatically when closing the window
  • Suitable for all surface materials, such as wood, PVC and aluminium


  • Finishes: brown, silver, white
Hinge-side lock FAS97 B 
Art. no. 11780

Level: 10
Packaging: individual box
Weight: 520 g
Hinge-side lock FAS97 W 
Art. no. 11782

Level: 10
Packaging: individual box
Weight: 531 g

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