Easy Shackle Change Feature

Change shackles in seconds with the patented "Easy Shackle Change Tool" available for 83AL/40, 83AL/45, 83AL/50, 83/45, 83CS/45, 83/50, 83CS/50, 83WP/53 and 83KnK/45 as well as our Interchangeable Core padlocks 83IC/40, 83IC/45, 83IC/50, 83WP-IC/53, 83S/45 LFIC, 83WP-LFIC/53 (Note that the IC tool is slightly different from the standard tool).

The Easy Shackle Change not only saves you a great amount of time, it also helps you to lower stocks because you don't need to take care of a large number of different padlock-and-shackle combinations any more. If you want a stainless steel shackle on a brass padlock for example, just switch out the pre-mounted shackle with the one you need.

Here is how to do a shackle change on our 83 Series padlocks:

Shackle Change Instructions (1)

1: Hold the lock so that bottom of the lock is facing right with the drain hole in the twelve o'clock position.

2: Insert shackle change tool so that the tip fits right between the two triangles of the bolt driver and the handle of the tool is facing you and rotate clockwise

Note: Do not remove the pressed-in plate

3: Shackle will release to pull out. Tool will be under spring tension.

4: While keeping the tool under tension, ensure the shackle spring and locking balls are in position and then insert your new shackle.

5: Release tool while the shackle is in the open position.

6: Remove tool.

7: Insert cylinder and screw in cylinder retaining screw.

Note: When installing the Z-bar, make sure the black dot is facing up.

Trick: If you do not have an Easy Shackle Change Tool handy and need to change out a shackle, you can open the lock, install the Z-bar upside down (dot is not visible any more), insert the cylinder into the padlock and rotate the key to the open position. Hold under tension and you will be able to pull the shackle out. There are some locksmiths that were under the impression that they use the Z-bar for key-retaining and for non-key-retaining they just flip the Z-bar around. This did work OK on Series 1 but not Series 2.

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