Safety for children – at home and on the way!

Safety for children – at home and on the way! © ABUS

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), about 1.37 million children die worldwide every year – the greatest risks which the group of ten to 19 year-olds is involved in are traffic accidents. This means that accidents are one of the greatest health risks for children.

Dangers are everywhere – but they are often not recognised as such because they are everyday things such as extension cables that lie around or the hair dryer plugged into the socket in the bathroom. So it's important to identify these dangers and eliminate them to increase safety – not only for children.

Simple measures increase the safety of children significantly. Simples measures or changes in behaviour often help. These include removing dangerous objects after use, fitting socket protectors or lockable window handles so that children can't open windows on their own.

Make sure that children are also adequately protected when they are not at home – e.g. a bicycle helmet is a “must” as it can significantly reduce the risk of head injuries.

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