Protecting your own four walls against intruders – a guide

Protecting your own four walls against intruders – a guide © ABUS

A break-in attempt occurs almost every minute whereas more than one third of these attempts are unsuccessful. The main reason for this: mechanical security equipment. It is not only the protective function of the additional devices that makes it highly probable that offenders will go on to the next property, but also the deterrent effect of many ABUS products. If a potential burglar does not succeed in a short time he normally gives up.

A conventional screwdriver is usually enough to open unsecured windows and doors. Police surveys show that, in the case of single-family houses, the main targets of many burglars are windows and balcony doors and front doors in the case of blocks of flats. The myth of smashed windows originates from the time when single glazing was standard.

Burglars strike at night? They tend to choose detached houses?

“Burglars strike at night or during the holidays, and only homeowners are affected...” At least, that is what most people seem to think, but the reality is different. In fact, burglars work mostly during the day - when nobody is home. And the myth that “vacation time is break-in time” is long outdated. Burglars are most active during the dark winter months.

They also do not predominantly target freestanding houses. Around three quarters of all domestic burglaries take place in apartment buildings. In many cases these are poorly secured and the inhabitants tend to be more careless: The front door is left open or the neighbours open the door to anyone with the electronic door opener. Burglars have then mostly unhindered access to the basement.
Particularly at risk are apartments on the ground floor. There it is easy for the perpetrators to reach the windows or the balcony door.

Detailed statistics can be found under the heading Facts and Figures.

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